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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

My BFP After 1 Year of Trying

Hey everyone! I used these stories for inspiration and hope, and I wanted to tell my own story to maybe help others who are still trying. Some background on me is that I started officially trying in January 2016. Before then, I had been using depo provera as by bc and had my final dosage in June 2015. I'm currently 31 (30 when we started trying), and I've been on hormonal bc since I was 13 due to difficult cramps. I've been talking prenatal vitamins since October 2015, but I added a bunch of different herbal remedies to try to impact my fertility: Vitex, CoQ10, Cod Liver Oil, Dong Qui tea, etc. I found that the Vitex had zero impact on me. I hadn't been taking it for two months when I did become pregnant. I continued with the CoQ10 and the cod liver oil until I became pregnant because I didn't think either could hurt and maybe they helped. I have since discontinued cod liver oil and move to a different fish oil upon confirming pregnancy for the DHA without the retinol. We also used preseed on and off this year, but I did not conceive while using it. The other issue I had is that beginning in May 2015, I started to spot prior to my period. Some months (like August 2016), it would last for more than 7 days prior to the start of my period. Usually, it would appear around 7-9 dpo, disappear, and then return a day or two before my period. It was extremely frustrating. I went to my OBGYN and received an ultrasound to see if I possibly had fibroids, but there were zero problems. OB recommended that I see a RE because it could be a hormonal imbalance. However, my insurance doesn't cover infertility treatments. So in the meantime, I've just been hoping it would happen on its own and taking with my employer about adding coverage. So this month, AF arrived on Dec 11. It was a four as opposed to a usual five day period. I generally have a 25 day cycle. We BDed on cd 7 and 9. This is way before when my app said I'd be in my fertile period. But with the holidays and family, we just didn't have time. So I really did not think this would be our month, and in retrospect, I wonder if I was missing ovulation, even though I had been temping and taking OPKs. However, per my temps, I am assuming I ovulated on cd 10. 1 dpo- 4 dpo : No symptoms. CM dried up and turned sticky. Temp creeps up a little but not out of the ordinary. 5 dpo : some mild right pelvic pain and acne (which I generally don't get). Temp drops .5 degrees. I assume I'm going to start spotting for the remainder of the month. 6 dpo - 10 dpo : I was a little more tired than usual, which is weird since I was on vacation. I also was getting bloody noses. That is not something that ever happens to me. However, of all of my symptoms, my boobs were the most surprising. They didn't hurt, neither the breast nor the nipple. But they felt inflated; they felt very large. Prior to af, they generally ache a little since I stopped taking bc. However, this month, no aching, but just feeling large. Also during this time, I had no cm. Temp moved back up but was not at super high levels. 11 dpo : I take a pregnancy test for two reasons. 1. It's New Years Eve and I wanted to know if I could drink and 2. My breasts felt so large that I was curious. It was negative, and so I go out and have a good time. 12 dpo : Temp skyrockets to highest I've ever had (without a fever). Since it was negative yesterday, I decide to wait til tomorrow for another test. 13 dpo : My breasts are still feeling large and I'm getting bloody noses. Temp still in the stratosphere, but down slightly from yesterday. I take another test with fmu, and it's positive. I'm extremely surprised. I've had no spotting and no period. I'm currently at 5 weeks. And as you can see, I found out VERY early : 3w1d. However, I think it's because I must have ovulated so early and so I found out essentially two weeks after ovulation, which makes sense. I would say beginning immediately after the positive pregnancy test, my increased need to pee just exploded. I started waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom almost immediately. I hadn't considered bloody noses to be a symptom but as the overall blood in your system increases to nourish the baby, your soft membranes can become more porous, hence, bloody noses. I've been congested ever since. Ladies, good luck. It can happen when you don't expect it, and it can happen with symptoms you'd never consider. Each pregnancy is different, and you have my warm wishes and hope for a happy, healthy pregnancy.


Congrats!! amazing! This gives me hope :) 

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