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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


So I am 37 in 2 weeks, my husband is 39. We have a little girl Ella and she is 5yrs, she was conceived with no problems at all.

This time around I also thought it would be easy and quick. 1,2,3,4,5,6 months and nothing, all my friends either preg or with babies. I was so despite for a baby.

Due to my age I was told I needed to seek a specialist after 6mths of trying.

I had been using ovulation test, temping and I was an addict with testing for ovulation and HPT a real shocka, always being disappointed.

On Monday I took my referral letter and tests that I had done to the specialist and now I just had to wait my turn for an apt: a lot of money and a wait list. My husband had his semen checked I had just started getting all my tests done.

That night I got my BFP this was 2 days ago at 11DPO, it was negative in the morning and + at night.

The only symptoms I had was a gurgling lower tummy which always happened 2 days before my AF anyway.
My AF was due that day and felt like for sure it was coming I even saw one pin size dot of blood.

I had + ovulation tests from days 17-22 blazing, I thought I ovulated around day 17 as I felt O twinges we had sex days 8,12,14,16,17,19,20

I was so sure I was out this month and was so surprised. I was always on the forums and seeking all these BFP and was getting so depressed and down.

I was not uptight but I always trying to calculate the best timing so when people tell you to just relax, go ahead and slap them. lol
Do what ever makes you comfortable.

I just got a call prior to writing my story with my blood results. I AM HAVING ANOTHER BUBBA YIPEEEE.


Lovely story. Congrats :)

Your story was great and the details helpful. Mostly though, I just had to thank you for the "relax" comment. You made me laugh and reminded me that I'm not alone...all of us on this LONG journey hear the same things and suffer through getting that wretched advice. You can relax or you can stress and in the end it's all up to God anyway.
In the middle of my TWW but just had to thank you for your inspiration and humor! Cheers to a very joyful and healthy 9 months and many many many years ahead!

Hi Congrats!!!!! Thanks for your story and pics! Maybe you can help me too. BD 7/31/13. AF not due till 8/26 been having symptoms like sneezing, runny stuffy nose, twinging pulling feeling in my lower ovary area, blurry vision, dizzy spells. I have tested twice already both BFN but I think I still might be...according to my period app I was set to O on 7-12 IDK this is a bit stressul just trying to figure things out and the TWW is for REAL! But I am hoping.

I have to second Gina's comment about "relaxing." It's a stressful process and after several months, you can't help but wonder if something is wrong. I'm grateful for your story because stress is a part of the process for some women. And I'm so delighted you were able to overcome that and get your beautiful BFP. Here's to a great 9 months for you and your little one.

Your story is beautiful. And you relax comment is the best! Lol. I had a lot of symptoms at first then they just disappeared so I don't know what to think but Im still praying & having faith that I will get my bfp soon. af is due in 3 days and I've had all negatives. But your story gives me hope. Thank you.

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