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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

My BFP story... Best Gift Ever!

I am 40 and I have been trying to get pregnant for the last 13 months, 3 IUI's and 3 IVFs. On my 3rd IVF I finally got my BFP!!! My story starts with 3 no successful IUI’s. On my 1st IVF we decided to go with PGS (long waiting). One embryo transferred, I felt breast soreness (I believe it was because of the meds) and cramping. Full bleeding at day 3 after ET, of course full depression, but the nurse encouraged me to continue on the meds. I got a positive PT, that after 2 days I lost in my second check. I tried again and during my 2nd IVF no PGS, one embryo transferred and I felt the regular monthly cramping 2 days before the PT, which resulted negative. I gave it a try, for my 3rd IVF, no PGS, and I got 2 embryos transferred. For all my cycles I have had slow growth and no more than 6 follicles to be candidates for extraction. On my 3rd cycle I got 3 follicles extracted and the 3 were fertilized. The day of the transfer I got 2 embryos transferred, and I started praying, meditating and being thankful for any result that could result. ZERO symptoms, honestly ZERO. I was very thirsty (I believe was because of the meds) 6dp5dt I had a watery discharge, desperate since I didn't understand why I did not feel anything!. I did a PT on day 10dp5dt which results on 1 strong line and the second one very fainted. 11dp5dt we did the electronic test and we saw a beautiful YES. Resulting on a positive PT. I am super excited and thankful. Strongly believing that I am having a happy ending. I read so many posts and with my experience, I just want to ask you to have hope in your heart, trust your god, every women body is different. Which you the best in this journey!
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