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My First BFP!

I still can't believe I'm typing this... But after 2 years TTC, 2 rounds of IUI and 1 IVF cycle... I'm finally pregnant! it has been a hard and long process but it looks like it has finally worked and we have been finally blessed with our first BFP! I had my first BETA last Wednesday and it wasn't what we expected... my HCG levels were very low and the nurse said it wasn't looking good... but two more BETAs and 5 days later... I'm officially pregnant and my first ultrasound is next Monday!!!! I CANNOT WAIT! For all of you out there TTC have faith and pray pray pray a lot! Your little miracle will happen before you even know it!!! DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE! With GOD all things are Possible!!!!!!!!!!


Congrats - wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months.  with 1 failed IUI, I am hoping and praying IUI#2 will be the one. Did you get your BFP with IUI or IVF?   

I am in my two week wait after having 2 embryos transferred on day 3. You have an inspiring story,I am also putting all my hope and faith in God,praying so hard for that positive.

Hi Shelly72, I got my BFP with IVF. I had my ultrasound today and things are looking great! apparently the smallest embryo is the one that made it. I have my second ultrasound next Wednesday. Wish you all the best during your 2nd IUI!!!!!!!

Hi Caren, let me know how everything turns out. The two week wait is not easy but it is all worth it at the end :) all the best to you and those tiny miracles!

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