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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

My first BPF ever at 36yo - 10DPO with Spotting. Vitex and Raspberry Leaf tea helped!

I am psyched to be sitting here now typing my story, after reading so many of yours, looking for some comfort, support and hope. After trying for one year, it finally happened. On our first wedding anniversary! We started trying on our wedding night a year ago, but we also started learning about all of this at the same time you know, I have never tracked my cycles before or worried about different types of CM, fertile window, ovulation day or anything like it.
I was very worried because I have suffered from incapacitating cramps since I was 16, and to make it worst, for the past couple of years, I have been spotting almost every day after Ovulation day until my period arrived. Reading thru all these sites and fertility apps community posts, I learned about VITEX and MACA and how they naturally help regulate your cycles and hormones. I bought them both at Amazon and started taking them right away, 3 Vitex capsules every morning and 2 Maca. After a few week I started having excruciating stomachaches and after googling around I found that the type of Maca I was taking was the wrong one because it was raw, and you are supposed to take one that has been cooked, sort of say. So I stopped taking the Maca and the pain went away immediately. So I only took the Maca for a few weeks. I did however continue taking the Vitex. I started in December and here's the magic ladies: The spotting stopped! In March to be exact, my period ended and I didn't spot until 3 days before my next cycle, started with that brown spotting that would signal that my period was near. April and May were even better, I only spotted a little just 2 days before my period. The cramps also improved, being less painful!
I stopped taking Vitex in April because I ran out and didn't buy anymore, I guess because I was doing so much better. Well, I got my first BFP ever! the next month!!! We BD 3 days in my fertile window, before O day, and according to my Wondfos OPKs and CM, I am sure I ovulated on May 27, on our first wedding anniversary!
So, if you are spotting or have irregular cycles, I would definitely recommend to read about Vitex! Also Raspberry Leaf Tea because I have been taking it from time to time and specially before my period came and I believe that it was a combination of both.
Anyway, I haven't had many symptoms and I actually been feeling great! Here's the breakdown by day:

CD1: May 11
FW according to Ovia App: May 22-May 27

CD12: Brown spotting (I always spot a tiny bit two days in the middle of my cycle) only when I wiped
CD13: Brown spotting (only when I wiped) - School glue CM
CD14: BD
CD15: BD and a tiny string of pink spotting mixed with CM when I wiped. *Positive OPK
CD16: BD -Eggwhite CM and 2nd Positive OPK
CD17: A tiny bit again of pink spotting, EWCM and feeling happy because it was our anniversary! We went on a hiking trip for the weekend, this was the first day. *This was the last day of FW and also the last day I had EWCM so I'll mark this as O day.

1DPO: School glue CM, didn't take more OPKs because I was on this trip
2DPO: Very light pink spotting only when I wiped once
3DPO: Light queasiness. Pink spotting mixed with clear CM
4DPO: Feeling a little queasy. School glue/creamy CM
5DPO: A very noticeable High energy feeling starts! (I made an upside down pineapple cake for crying out
loud, so not me) School glue/creamy CM, mild tender breasts
6DPO: High energy, chatty, just feeling happy but very noticeable. Nipple soreness
7DPO: High Energy continues! BD and a tiny string of light pink mixed with creamy CM when I wiped
8DPO: Nipple soreness, and EWCM with a slight of pink (I believe now this might have been IB)
9DPO: Nipple soreness and right pelvic pain that only lasted a few minutes. -Feeling this might be it for some reason, that night I talked to my baby and said: We love you, your daddy and I love you to heavens already and are waiting for you. Please give me a sign you are here!
10DPO: EWCM, Nipple soreness **I decided to take a Wondfo PT, it was after 1:00 pm so it probably was my Second or TMU. and there it was!! A faint but clear BFP!
11DPO: Insomnia. I woke up at 3:30 and and couldn't fall back asleep until 7am! Nipple soreness. Another BFP
12DPO: Another BFP in the morning, the line a little stronger! Creamy CM, nipple soreness (no tender breasts)
I decided to tell DH that night so I took one clear digital test, the ones that give the result with the word, and give it to him to wait to read the result! He looked at it and then at me and couldn't say a word, just started crying, he got up and we hugged both crying now and laughing with joy! <3
13DPO: A stronger BFP line, nipple soreness. Happy!
14DPO: I had rushes of energy and then I started feeling so tired, like I have never felt in my life, not in intensity, but in the way I was feeling, as if my entire body was just so tired and sleepy.
15DPO: The line on the test was almost as strong as the control line. Feeling great but suddenly tired.
16DPO: I went for a blood test (hCG quantitative) and the result was: 426, my doctor said that was normal for that early in the pregnancy and asked me to go take another in a couple days to see if the levels are increasing as they should. I will go tomorrow.

Today I am 18DPO and feeling great, just a little heartburn. No nausea yet just not so hungry (I am the type of person that can be snacking all day non stop and since around 3DPO I haven't feeling, eating normal, but just not my usual cookie monster self)

I am optimistic, but I know that things can happen still. I am just so so happy that I can't wait to tell everyone and share my joy with the world.

I wish you are jumping with joy with your BFP as well soon. I know you will!

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