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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

My Story.

Hi girls, members and tww stalkers alike. I want to start off by saying, I know exactly how you feel. I had been trying to get my bfp for years and years, so long that im not even really sure how long we've been trying. I stalked this website for years before I joined and actually started being open about my ttc struggles. for such a long time we kept it to ourselves telling people we are SOOO not ready for a baby. I think that was one of my biggest mistakes. Support from your friends and family are huge stress relievers and I truly believe that it helps. I am 6 weeks pregnant today and I wanted to share my bfp story because I feel that I owe it to all of you ttc-ers out there because I know exactly how you are feeling. Ive thought- infact ive KNOWN that I was pregnant at least 2 dozen times and they all ended up in bfns. ive symptom spotted like a mad woman, ive even told my hubby and mother that I was convinced I was pregnant. Ive gone to the doctor for bogus shit just to have a pregnancy test done. Ive had the realization that I was pregnant and got the most warm and comforting sensation all over my body just to find out that I indeed was not pregnant. This journey has been absolute hell for myself and my husband and I got to the point where I truly believed that the universe just knew that I would be a horrible mother and that is why I couldn't get pregnant. Ive always had fairly short cycles 19-22 days. short but regular. I always had severely sore breasts from the day my period ends until the day it started, I had debilitating periods and occasional severe cramping during and after sex so ive had an inkling for quite some time that I had some sort of hormonal issues. After a few years I went to an obgyn to finally get some answers. I had an ultrasound and they found a very large cyst on my left ovary and found that my ovaries were not sitting in there proper places, rather they were tucked back behind my uterus, however, my right ovary seemed to have full and healthy function. I then had a pelvic exam where I was told that my uterus was stuck to the left side of my body and he was confident that I have endo. Ive always hated doctors and thought they were full of shit. he told me that I was going to have to have a lap/hysto and that pregnancy was pretty unlikely due to scar tissue and what not and also that due to my short cycle, I was ovulating super early in my cycle, probably right after my period because and I quote "a woman ALWAYS ovulates 14 days before her period..." . I was absolutely devastated. Right then and there I decided that we were going to give it 3 months of a new approach (SMEP) and if we didn't get pregnant after that I was done. We had been just trying and trying and trying the old fashioned way for so long it was time to make some drastic changes. my ob pretty much contradicted everything I said, didn't take my opinion into consideration and I was furious. We took a break for a cycle and I did hours and hours of research. after much contemplation I decided to give fertilitea a shot. I was so worried because I have read a lot about women who have regular periods getting really messed up from it. I started the tea shortly after my break cycle began and drank it 3 times a day every day that month and lone behold I had a 27 day cycle, my boobies didn't hurt until maybe 2 days before my period and I did not need one single midol during that period. In the mean time I told all of our friends and family our struggles, how long weve been trying and my plans and ended up with a huge support system, bought 50 ovulation tests, pre-seed, mucinex and I forced myself and my husband to drink sickening amounts of water. *note i did not drink the fertilitea during the next cycle because i was still leery of the consequences of using it for too long. Well come to find out- i ovulated very late in my cycle. 2 days before when my period would have normally been due on a 22 day cycle - 7 days before my period would have been due if i had a 27 day cycle. stupid fucking doctor.. " every woman ovulates 14 days before her period....." ugh. We had sex every other day until my ovulation test was positive (2 days of positive tests) and then as soon as that baby was positive we screwed like bunnies until hubby just couldn't anymore. I also took 1 baby asprin a day from ovulation until the day of my missed period. and then i got my BFP. I wish i could give you girls a day by day of my symptoms but i deleted my period tracker app because i was determined not to symptom spot and drive myself crazy. I do remember being constipated for a couple of days and we had gone to my grandma's house for a bbq and i ended up eating the ENTIRE rack of ribs because they were SOOO good lol. I forced myself not to think about it and drank ridiculous amounts of coffee, drank a significant amount of alcohol on the fourth and enjoyed my husband and my family. When i got that 2nd pink line i was totally in shock. i still am in shock. i spent so much time convincing myself that i just needed to get over it because with out spending our entire savings and lively hood on fertility i wasn't going to have a baby. Since getting the bfp my boobies hurt (im 6 weeks) but in all honesty they don't hurt any more than they usually did. My gag reflex is very sensitive. i don't really have nausea, just a strong urge to gag at just about anything even slightly unsavory. And that is about it lol. To end this short story of my experience i would like to add that i have no idea if the pre-seed, mucinex, baby asprin or any of that were contributing factors- but i do think that the fertilitea helped tremendously. I also strongly believe that hubby and i were just having too much sex. we were having sex everysingle day, multiple times a day and not just because we were ttc but because we enjoy eachother. Don't give up girls, don't take everything doctors say to heart and educate yourselves! Tell your friends and family your struggles because even though it seems shameful and embarrassing it is such a relief to know that you have people supporting you. Relax, stop symptom spotting and do what you think is best for you. Lots of love to all of you.


That's a great story! Thanks for sharing. Congrats and a h&h 9 months to you. XXX

Such a great story, I wish you the best of health xoxoxo 

Congratulations and so true some doctors mess you up more with all there meds and surgeries when in the end its some TLC that is needed, natural and healthy ways...Happy and healthy 9 months to you!!

First congrats!!!!! Second your story made tears in my eyes . If you don't mind h

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