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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Natural BFP @11 dpo and Dealing with Male Factor Infertility

Hello Ladies! First I'd like to wish everyone going through this challenging (though exciting!) journey of trying to conceive the best of luck, health, and great strength! It takes all of those things and more to get through the ups and downs of TTC! I'd also like to thank everyone for submitting their stories; they saved my sanity this past year as I scoured the internet for information every month. Now for a few facts: I'm 29 and DH is 33. We've been together for nearly eight years and have been TTC our first for about a year. We have no known health issues, though my husband has only one testicle from an injury in high school. My cycle ranges from 30-33 days, and my luteal phase is 14 days long. I don't temp religiously, but I do use opks and feel very obvious ovulation cramps (always from my left side) once a month. After trying to nearly a year, we went to see our doctor and he ordered blood work, an ultrasound for me, and an SA for my husband. My results came back normal, but DH's SA was not so good. His morphology was 3%. We were sad, of course, and got a referral for an RE. The waiting list is about six months, and we were told to keep trying while we waited. Well, with two months before our appt., I just got my first ever bfp on a FRER at 11dpo! I have been testing with Wondfo's since 9 dpo and getting what looked at first like evaps but now are very faint lines. There is a clear progression though, and I'm very excited! One last thing I would like to mention is that every month there was a new symptom that made me swear up and down that I was pregnant. This month I had the fewest symptoms and was shocked to see a line on the test. So no symptoms is a symptom! Without further ado: O Day: BD. This month I ovulated about four days earlier than I usually do. I had strong ovulation cramps all day, and the tell-tale EWCM for three days prior to O day. I also got a definite positive opk. 1 dpo: BD. Negative opk. Ovulation pain again, for most of the day. Thought this was strange as I usually only feel the pain for about 5 hours on one day only. 2 dpo-6dpo: No real symptoms, although my dreams were out of control. I hardly felt like I got any rest at all because I was dreaming so much. I also got teary quite a bit over silly things, and would find myself laughing a lot for no good reason too. So yeah, my moods were bizarre. 7 dpo: Gassy and breast tenderness begins. This is not unusual for me (although not particularly normal either). I get breast pain every now and then. 8 dpo: Breast tenderness and heaviness continues but it's the whole breast, not localized to one area as it has been in the past. Moody, a little gassy, a little tired. 9 dpo: Sleep pattern still off, dreaming constantly. Breast pain increases a little, still gassy. (Sorry tmi!) Feel a bit 'off' and have a few hot flushes in my face throughout the day. Hungry. 10 dpo: Hot flushes, breast tenderness, strange dreams, and gas continues. Take a Wondfo in the am and get what looks like a suuuper faint squinter. Refuse to believe it as I've had evaps on Wondfo in the past. Decide to take another one in the afternoon and get a line, though it's faint. Can't believe my eyes and pick up a FRER for tomorrow's FMU. 11 dpo: Wake up at 5am as too excited to sleep and open up the FRER. Get a faint line (but much clearer than Wondfo) within minutes. Take another Wondfo and the line is still realllly faint, but when compared to the other tests there is a clear progression. Am worried at first because the breast tenderness seems completely gone, but it came back a little tiny bit so I've decided to relax and pray for the best! So that's it! At this point I'm still cautiously optimistic because it's so early, but I had to share my story here since DH says it's too soon to tell anyone. Good luck to you all again and please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions! I wont say "relax and it will happen" because honestly that used to annoy the crap out of me. Instead I will say: keep trying, have faith, and love your partner!


Congrats!!! Any vitamins used by ur Hubby? And how low was the SA count before ur success? thnx

Thanks for the congrats :)  baby dust to you!  DH took maca root powder but that's it.  We were going to move on to Fertility Blend for men as I know some women whose husbands have had a lot of success with it. His counts were good but his morphology was less than 3%.

Congrats!!!! Wishing you and happy and healthy 9 months! I am also 29 I and Dh is 31, he also has low morphology 3% we have been trying for over a year, so your story gives me hope!. Did you bd any other days leading up to Ovulation? Besides the day you got a +opk and day after? Was there anything else that you did different? :-)

Thank you!  And baby dust to you :)  I'm glad my story gives you hope; believe me I understand how it feels to be in your shoes!  Actually no we didn't bd even close to as often as we normally do this month because we had a house full of guests for the holidays.  Just those two days.  We didn't think we stood a chance at all of conceiving this month!  If I were to think of what I did differently, I would say I kept a positive attitude and relaxed a lot more.  I drank a ton of water, went for a walk every day, and tried to diversify my diet to include more fruit and vegetables.  Let me know if you have any more questions!!

I've Been trying for 15 months and now on my second round of Clomid and still trying. My DH SA is exactly the same so reading these story give me so much encouragement. Many congratulations.

Thanks for sharing.. I have had all the testing done on my side and I am clear. DH has a super super low sperm count. I have lost all faith, and don't think we can conceive. I have never got pregnant with Dh, and he has never had a whoops. So makes me think bad things even worse. He was just in a terrible car accident on the 30th, and the 29th we BD and I raised my pelvis for a 1/2 hour. My AF is due Friday 01/17/2014. It would be a miracle if I would get my BFP because we can't ttc for 18 months now, after his radiation he got from his surgery. He is doing good after the accident and surgery :)

To Jayne and CW, my best wishes and prayers are with you.  Baby dust to you both and never lose hope. As for me, this ended up being a chemical pregnancy at 5wks.  I am totally devastated.

Just stumbled upon this and saw your last post. I'm so very sorry, hope you're doing OK. I just had an early miscarriage myself. Many women report of getting pregnant again right after a MC so do try to keep going during this window of fertility. You can do it again. Hoping you get a sticky little bean. Take good care of yourself.

I was over here browsing, and your story could be ours!! After 12 months, we went to see a urologist who referred DH for surgery. As soon as that was scheduled the test turned. (Ironically during my most stressful month ever, so the "relax" idea *really* didn't work for me!!)

Didn't read comments, so sorry to hear :(

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