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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Natural BFP at 41

Of course, I've been a lurker for months but since I know how much I looked for "over 40" stuff, I wanted to post

Me 41 DH 41 DD 2

what I did this month:  Evening Primrose cd1-O Wild yam extact o-present Pre-seed (1st month!) softcups, prenatals, B-6. extra folic, baby aspirin (my other usual stuff: Vit D, cal/mag/zinc) Started committed exercising!

1-3dpo noticed a change in my usual post-o cp.  CP usually comes way down really quickly after o, this time it only came half way down 7 went back up for several days.  CM dried up & was fairly scant until the BFP
4 & 5 dpo just some weird dreams
6dpo More weird dreams (all of these dreams were AF, baby, maternal type dreams)  woke up w/ a stabbing pain in left pelvic area (2am) stayed up for about 2 hours better after a snack but the stabbing continued mildly throughout the day.
7...not much
8 dpo constipation..& tmi, I had bean for both lunch & dinner, no dice. Some cramping, thought it was AF cause my cycle has been fluctuating a bit. tested $ store:  BFN
9 dpo more constipation, dried nose bleed???? curious!! tested $ store: BFN
10 dpo constipation in the am then (tmi, sorry) everything broke free!! 4 trips to the border!! Weird backache, but I have been working out.  Very slightly tender underarms. Caved by 8:30pm Faint BFP w/ a FRER
11 dpo (today) Absolutely NO sleep, DD up at 5:30a  Waited until I was absolutely busting to test w/ my 1 Digi so it wouldn't shut off before DH wakes up. POSITIVE!!! Oh heck, I'm waking him up!!!!!  Good luck ladies, it does happen!!


I'm very much like you - just turned 40 and have a 2.5 year old DS.  Just had my IUD removed and this is our first real cycle trying.  Love that it happened for you!   Yay!!!

Just like both of you :D Turning 40: 8/17/71 1st day LMC: 6/30/2011 Last day MC: 7/2/2011 Ovulation: 7/14/2011 Planned: 7/8, 7/9, 7/10, 7/13, 7/14, 7/15, 7/16 & 7/17 (blushing ;)   2nd cycle attempt: 1-3 DPO – gasy (TMI), bloated feeling, Breast tender, got 2 huge pimples 4-6 DPO – not much changes 7 DPO – really bloated, can’t suck tummy in, breast tender, butterfly feeling, craving pizza again (tues & thurs), pee’ing a lot.   7/28 is HPT! Pray for me. We want this baby so much!    

Good luck, Elle!

HI..Congrats! I thought I was the only one ttc @ 40. I cant find that mch out there, but it seems like Im finally not alone. Thanks so much for your post, and congrats again

ELLE! hope you got your BFP!!! Nice to see some other "fine wine mommies" as I like to call us, (you know, a little aged. like fine wine) Just wanted to pop & say so far so good!  8 weeks now & we saw the heartbeat last Tues!!

Hello Everyone, Just wanted to post that I found out that I was pregnant 4 days after my 40th birthday. We were not trying but I was soooo happy, this was my 1st baby. We now have a healthy, happy beautiful baby girl. I get all the scientific stuff but at the end of the day it's all really in someone Else's hands. When it comes to getting pregnant....miracles do happen!!! Good luck to you all and please don't pay any attention to all the negativity about having babies after 40. In my opinion, they all need to update their statistics because so many more women are now giving birth at an older age. : )

I meant "Natural"

I am 42 w a young daughter and my DH is 50 w no kids. We consulted a fertility Dr. after six months of no results. He tested all there was to test and said everything was fine excpet for my hormone numbers. My FSH was 15 and my AMH was 0.5 and the Dr. said that my best chance was through a donor (I do not have the cash or nerves for that). I was crestfallen. Seriously depressed. He suggested a few cycles of trying to inseminate me with my own eggs first, while I took some medication, but I wasn't sold on that plan so we went home to think about it. 9 days later my period was due. It was a no show. 11 days after the Dr. said it was "highly unlikely" that I would concenive even with medical help and sperm washing, I tested and got a BFP. I've only been pregant one other time in my life and it resulted in my DD - and it felt just like this. The symptoms are immistakable: lower back-ache, indigestion, sore breasts, fatigue, and weepiness. I can't wait for the first prenatal visit scheduled in early October! Believe, sisters, believe.

I'm 40 my Dh is 43. We conceived when I was 38 but miscarried at 7 weeks. Trying now for over a year with no success. Started clomid 50 mug day 3-7 for 4 months nothing. Went to fertility specialist continued clomid and found my lh level low and progesterone. This month did ovidrel sq 250 on day 13 then bd for 3 days started progesterone day 17. Got bfp pod 8, 9 bfn 10, bfp 11. I am so bloated constipated tired and nips sensitive. Can't take blood hcg til June 4 because of ovidrel. Dying to know if bfp is true. Anyone have any input. Dh was tested he's perfect. My US showed 3 follicles at 20 on day 13.

I shall be 42 in September and just got a BFP. It was easy as pie -- first time of trying, and a half-hearted attempt at that. I knew I was ovulating (CM and POAS), my general health is good, but didn't do anything special. I would echo what's been said about the hype about pregnancy over 40. You hear about celebs and their egg donors and IVF ... I mean it really isn't easy for some ... but clearly, that doesn't apply to all of us!

Thank you for the inspiring stories ladies.  All the best and good luck to all.  I had a miscarriage earlier this year and my partner and I are starting to try again last month and I'm so lost and scared.  Reading your stories really helps.    

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