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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Natural BFP at 41yrs 8mths after 3 years

I can't believe that I am writing my own BFP story! This afternoon, I finally got a BFP! You all are the first to know! I have been longing for a second child (My first is 5 years old), but after a missed miscarriage & D/C 3 years ago, there has been nothing except for phantom pregnancy symptoms each month. So what did I do differently lifestyle-wise? (1) acupuncture. After suffering from the worst flu of my life (bedridden for 2 weeks), I decided that I needed to boost my immune system and treat my digestive issues so I went to the TCM doctor. I took medicinal teas for about 1 month and weekly acupuncture for 3 months. I have read that acupuncture helps to get a BFP but never thought it would work on me. I just wanted to get my health back. (2) Cut down on coffee I love a nice big mug of steaming coffee each morning. But with my digestive issues, I decided that I should concentrate more on taking care of my body first. Instead upped the tea intake - peppermint/nettle/red raspberry infusions. (3) yoga 2 to 3 times a week for about 10 to 15 minutes. The TCM doctor suggested that I start exercising for my lower back pain. How were symptoms different this month? (1) Breasts getting larger in the last 2 weeks (2) tingling sensation running down my arms and legs at random times in the past few days (3) unusual dreams (4) feeling dry down there (usually few days before AF, feel wet and slippery) (5) runny nose, mild sore throat for the past 3 weeks (maybe due to immunity and cold weather?) (6) pinkish discharge at CD 25 BFP at CD27 (AF is generally between CD25 to 28] Thank you for sharing all of your stories! And baby dust to all those who are trying! Don't give up!
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Congratulations!! Your story gives me hope as I am also longing for a second child. My son is 4 years old and I turned 40 over the Summer. Can't wait to get a BFP!! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby :)

Don't drink peppermint/nettle/red raspberry infusions. Not for the first trimester. Causes uterine contractions and can cause issues, so best to avoid it.

Yes, this is the place where I want to be!! The place where people my age (40) or older, and looking to have a baby. I've been pregnant every month for the past 6 months (in my head) All the symptoms are there but I could NEVER get a BFP. To be real... I have 2 phenomenal boys 14 &11 years old, my dear husband just turned 68... Yes, you read right. 68 years old and he's keen in having another "warm body" as he puts it. I saw my family doc and the tests shows my Estradiol is low, progesterone is good and egg are great. At my age it is normal. Now I am 11 DPO with another BFN and tons of cramps, pulling and sore boobs. Go figure. I cried again today because I am not sure how long I can keep doing this. I am so happy to hear some of you ladies are getting your BFP's. Keep me in your prayers. Xo

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