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Natural BFP Surprise While Starting Meds for IVF!!!

DH and I had been TTC for almost 2 years when we got our last minute miracle! We had already done 4 IUIs and laprascopic surgery to try to repair my damaged tubes. After my surgery last March, my doc gave me a bleak chance (close to 0%) that the right tube would ever work (completely scarred over...couldn't get the instrument through), and gave my left tube a "maybe" it will work someday chance. We decided that we would try a couple more IUIs and that if it didn't work within six months that we would move to IVF. Fast forward to end of August, I went on a week long vacation with my girlfriends to relax before I had to start my IVF meds in September. The day after I got back, DH and I BD'd like crazy because we hadn't seen each other all week. It was just coincidence that I was ovulating at the same time, because by now we had completely given up hope on naturally TTC. I started Lupron exactly one week later to begin the suppression stage of the IVF journey, and continued to give myself shots everyday that week. I knew that I had all sorts of strange symptoms, but I just chalked them up to the shots I was taking. After my period was 3 days late on 13 dpo (which it is normal to be late on the shots), I decided to take a hpt, and I got the most beautiful faint BFP line! I immediately called my doctors who had me stop taking the IVF meds right away. They said that the baby would be fine because I only took them for 5 days and it was a really low dose. I found out shortly after, via ultrasound, that the egg actually came from my close to 0% chance right tube! Now I am confidently writing this because I am 8 weeks along and heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time last week!!! Looking back, the symptoms that I was experiencing that I wrote off as side effects were: gas, bloating, sleepy, constipation, and the constant craving for disgusting fast food!!! To all of you ladies out there on a long TTC journey - Don't give up hope! Miracles do happen! I never thought I would be one of those stories that people try to tell you to make you feel better. Try not to lose it on every person that tells you that "if you would just relax, it will happen." I understand the crazy emotional rollercoaster this can be and thank god for websites and groups like this to chat with other ladies.
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