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Natural BFP w/ 400,000 sperm count SEVERE Male Factor

I'll keep this short & to the point but wanted to post this to give someone else hope!! I was never able to find any natural stories on counts as low as my husbands. I stopped birth control in 2010. We werent trying or preventing. We started really trying and opk strips from 2011-2012 (In our early twenties) My cycles were 30 days long. Nothing abnormal. After a year, we had a sperm count done on my husband and his count was only 800,000 TOTAL and only 50% motile. So only 400,000 able-bodied sperm. Genetic tests on both of us came back normal. Fertility clinic gave us a less than 1%chance of conceiving naturally. (Also, Husband had an undescended testicle at birth and surgery was performed when he was 2 years old so he has a varicocele on his left side and his left testicle is atrophied which is usually not a problem as long as the other testicle is functioning fine per the Urologist, sperm counts can still be normal. His isn't. Not sure why the right one isnt functioning as normal like it should but we never got it looked into or looked into varicocele surgery) Fertility dr put my husband on 3 months of Clomid and we did another sperm count. No improvement. He told us he wouldnt let us do IUI without 5million count minimum so he recommended IVF and ICSI. We decided to give up due to lack of funds and stress. Kept trying on our own and then stopped trying actively in mid 2013 after doing the whole Pre-Seed, opk strips, ferning checks etc. Nothing worked. We decided to move on and accept a life without children. In December 2014, I got pregnant. HUGE surprise! SO elated! No more than a day after getting my BFP, I miscarried at 5 weeks. Blighted Ovum. Just absolutely crushed us. Naturally miscarried. We assumed that was a fluke chance and never thought we would get another so we didnt start trying again or anything. just not preventing. In November 2015, I got pregnant AGAIN! Had ultrasounds at 6 and 8 weeks along and saw and heard a heartbeat and everything was fine or so it seemed. I began bleeding at 12.5weeks a few days before my next ultrasound and when we went to the ER we found out the baby had passed at 9 weeks. Missed Miscarriage. Naturally miscarried. No testing on tissue was done because we wanted to bury our baby. No testing on me was done either. 2nd cycle after my last miscarriage and I got pregnant AGAIN!!! Not trying or preventing. This time I was put on progesterone suppositories at 4 weeks until 14weeks along just in case and I am proud to say that we now have a happy& healthy 7 month old little girl after 6 years!!! I honestly think that the only reason we ever got our miracle baby was because of my miscarriages. It may be weird to think that but let me explain. I read that a womans cervix becomes slit like after it dilates a bit and tissue passes out even with a miscarriage so I believe that because of those, my cervix was a bit more open afterwards and allowed more sperm to go through. It only takes one!!!!! We have not had his sperm tested since the first few times years ago but I cant imagine anything has changed. His varicocele is still there. According to doctors and a fertility specialists, it should be near impossible for me to have gotten pregnant THREE times NATURALLY with only 400,000 sperm but it happened! Dont ever lose hope!!!!! I hope this story helps someone.


So my daughter is 7 months old and we wanted children close together.  Well on our FIRST cycle ttc using opks, I ovulated on CD 17 and WE CONCEIVED!  I tested with wondfos at 10dpo and got our BFP!!!  I am really curious to know if my husbands sperm count has somehow drastically changed.  He is 27.  We were 21 when we first began trying and his count was 400,000. not million. 400THOUSAND. Normal is 20-40MILLION.  In the years since, he has changed dramatically in appearance. He has gained muscle mass, and he now has body hair.   I really wonder what his sperm count is now! We were told without IVF we wouldnt be able to get pregnant. Well now I have been pregnant FOUR TIMES.  SO crazy!!  I hope this gives hope to someone!  If we do get his sperm count tested, I will come back and update.  If this little bean sticks, it will be our last baby so he is going to get a vasectomy afterwards.

  That you so much for sharing your story as I needed to find hope with the same male factor.   About 1 year and half ago our fertility journey started and it has been a very hard process as you know. I was diagnosed with PCOS and placed on Clomid to assist in getting my ovaries to respond and unfortunately I had an allergic reaction causing us to start over. I was then transferred to a fertility specialist as my OBGYN could no longer help which devastated me. Feeling guilty that it was my fault that I couldn’t give my husband a baby and then that all changed when we found out that my he had severely low sperm counts. After 2 sperm counts we found out that he was at 6.5 mil with 99% morph and only 6% mot ... such devastation. Sooo we went to a urologist who prescribed him 25mg Clomid to take daily and I was prescribed 7.5 mg of Letrozole. My ovaries have been responding beautifully but he just had a retest done and his sperm count has decreased to 600,000 with 54% mot leaving us 250,000 to work with. Prior to this last count we had all decided to try to do an IUI since his testosterone levels had went from 153 to 985 all thinking that his sperm counts would have also responded well. Since it ONLY takes 1 we decided to go through with the IUI with 250,000 and I am now 5dpiui and praying!!! After a miscarriage back in March we pray this works!! So thank you for giving me hope that it ONLY takes 1!! :) oh and CONGRATS on your rainbow baby!!  

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