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Natural BFP w/ PCOS, Pituitary gland tumor-prolactin producing, Low sperm count, low motility, low mobility

My story: I am 33 years old (34 in August) Husband is 38. We have been trying to conceive for 4 years 7 months. I found out that I have a pituitary tumor that is prolactin producing at the age of 24. I was put on bromocriptine to regulate my prolactin levels. I am not that great about taking my bromocriptine and haven't probably taken it in over 2 years. In 2011 I was diagnosed with PCOS. Tried metformin and clomid for 3 months didnt work. Had tubes checked all clear. Couple months later husband and I were in horrible car wreck, he had to learn how to walk again TTC put on hold. Spring of 2013 first sperm test. Horrible numbers in every category.... 1.5 million sperm total. In Novermer 2013 FALSE POSITIVE with grocery store digital....HEARTBROKEN!!! Met with IVF Doctor in spring of 2014 slightly better numbers but not really. IVF doctor said IVF only option for us. Decided to think on it. March 1, 2015 Period starts and comes on super heavy. I am wearing 2 pads at a time and end up in urgent care. Put on BC pills to stop bleeding...a months worth over 10 days. Period doesn't stop. Put on provera for 10 days period stops. I see OB/GYN for annual on 3-30-15 he said to take one more month of BC normally to give my body a break from all the bleeding. Take the BC throughout april end pills, no period. Notice around may 8-may 12 egg white cm. BD on mothers day 5-10-15. Take a cheap dollar store test on 5-24-15...NEGATIVE. Figured that's that. Last week frequent urination 20+ times a day including middle of the night (which I NEVER do). Get up Saturday morning 6-6-15 pee in cup run to the store get a EPT 2 pack come home and BAM instantly positive. Take the other test BAM instantly positive. Husband is super skeptical because of false positive before. I wait a couple hours go to walmart buy 4 of the .88 cent cheapies and a clear blue easy digital 2 pack. Take two .88 cent tests on Saturday late morning and evening both instantly positive. Next morning 6-7-15 take the week estimator and one more cheapie both come up positive and CBE Advanced 2-3 weeks. 6 tests total all positive....Confirmed by blood test yesterday. First ultrasound 6-18-15. No drugs, NO IVF, no pre-seed or anything.....It just happened on its own....Miracles do happen Don't lose hope!



congratulations on ur bfp, this give me alot of hope for this cycle as i have pcos and hubby have 1.5-3mil sperm also i am hoping my miracle baby soon. again congratz and have a happy n healthy 9 months. :)

Hi am really happy for u and it's the first time am see someone in my situation, which made me cry cause have beeing trying for almost that long with an ectopic almost a yr ago an still trying till now. Pls if it's ok by u can we share contact? My email is, pls email me if it's ok with u. Thank and happy and healthy 9 months

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