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Natural conception using progesterone crean after 3 years

I am so excited to finally get to share my BFP story! This is going to be a pretty long post but I want to be detailed so please beat with me. If even one woman tries one of things I tried and gets pregnant after reading this it will all be worth it to me. A little background info: I started having irregular cycles in March 2013. Previously, my cycles were regular, so when my period was 2 weeks late I took a hpt which was positive. I made an appointment about 5 days later only to be told I was not pregnant. I had suffered a chemical pregnancy. I was also diagnosed with PCOS because I had one small cyst on my ovary. I proceeded to gain about 50 pounds over the next year or so, and my insulin level was found to be high. After the chemical, my husband and I were NTNP. We started TTC when we got engaged in April 2014 which was our 2 year anniversary. My cycles were very irregular, and nothing was happening so we saw an OB/GYN. The OB had me try several months of Clomid. First three times I ovulated but did not conceive, last three times I didn't ovulate. I honestly feel like taking Clomid made matters worse, because i did not have a natural cycle AT ALL in 2015. I had to take Provera to induce a period as I was not ovulating. Then in May 2016, I spotted for the entire month. This was really my wake up call as i have never spotted this long before. So I decided to stop taking fertility treatments and try to heal my body naturally. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The steps I took in 2016 to get my fertility back: 1. Went gluten free beginning of June (I am gluten intolerant but was reluctant to diet until this point) 2. Lost 50 pounds from dieting (June 2016 - April 2017) 3. Started using progesterone cream (March 2017) This I think was the push we needed. I believe my progesterone was low previously due to estrogen dominance. 4. Started fertility charting (March 2017) Took BBT and recorded cervical mucus changes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This cycle: April 17th, 10DPO: I woke up about 5 AM and my whole body was really hot and something told me I should test, so I tried a Wondfo hpt and it was positive! I then took 2 First Response early hpts and they were positive! I got so excited that I ran to Walmart and bought a Clearblue digital and it too was positive! 11DPO: made an appointment for pregnancy confirmation and blood test was positive. My hcg ws 56 and my progesterone was 17 13DPO: 2nd beta hcg was 144! 21DPO: 3rd beta hcg was 6,350! Sounds pretty high! I wanted reassurance so I continued to take Wondfo and FR hpts thru 17DPO and the lines kept getting darker until at 17DPO line was as dark as control on Wondfo. As of now, I am 5weeks 3 days and go for my first ultrasound May 11th. My suggestions for those still TTC: 1. If you are overweight, lose weight. I know its hard but gluten free is a good way to go. I ate fries every other day and still lost weight just removing gluten lol. Also low glycemic load or low sugar diet will help to lower high insulin levels. 2. Have your progesterone and estrogen levels checked. If estrogen is high AND/OR progesterone is low, try progesterone cream 3. Try fertility charting if you do not know when you ovulate 4. Most importantly, avoid synthetic hormones and believe in your body's natural ability to restore itself and regain your fertility! Best wishes to all of you! Remember, with God all things are possible!

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