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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Natural IUI

Hey ladies! As most of us say, this website helped us during the lengthy two week wait so I wanted to post my symptoms. We've done one other IUI that didn't work and this was the second one - confirmed BFP this morning! You have no idea how excited we are!! Baby dust to you all!

We managed to find a midwife to come to our home and do the insemination. The whole timing thing was exhausting. SO MANY negative OPK's. Then finally a smiley face! I am convinced the first IUI did not take because we did it about 24hrs after the positive OPK instead of the recommended 36hrs. So second round we did the 36hrs and I laid in bed for 90 minutes.

1-7 DPO: Not much symptoms except after the IUI I am usually sore in my lower pelvic area. Just like a bruise but on the inside of your body.
7 DPO: I'd say I definitely started to have the PMS symptoms - very tender and sore breasts (mostly on the outer sides), moody.
8-9 DPO: Same PMS symptoms wet CM but not much for color, etc. Had a couple hot flashes. Very tender and sore breasts. Decided to take a test even though I felt it was too early.. sure enough BFN (ClearBlue Digital)
10 DPO: A slight cramping or heaviness started early AM and most of the day at work. Also a pulling/twinge filling on the lower right side. Kept running to the bathroom to see if there was blood but nothing! AF is due any time so thought for sure she was coming. Took another pregnancy test after work and tried EPT this time to see if the lines would give me some hope... it was very very faint but I swear it was a positive. Still a slight cramping or heaviness all the way till bed time. Very tender and sore breasts.
11 DPO: Woke up at 1AM STARVING which never happens (I even had a big meal before bed) and I was have some cramping still and was gassy (could have been the beans at dinner though). Had a hard time sleeping and all I could think about was how odd it was having the little cramping for 24hrs but no blood? That has never happened before with previous AF's so at 6AM I took another pregnancy test... it took maybe 10secs and it was BFP!!!! (Another ClearBlue Digital). All the times I took the ClearBlue it would take the full 3min to give me a BFN but this time it happened so fast there was definitely no coincidence!

I was reading about the cramping and it could definitely be implantation.. (no blood). Even getting PAP Smears would give me this heaviness/bruised feeling so I think I am just sensitive to the implantation. ALSO, I read that the placenta burrows into your uterus as well to provide the oxygen and blood supply to the baby so maybe that is starting? Not sure but either way... praying for a healthy baby to start off 2016!


Congratulations! Happy & healthy 9 mos.

Wish you all the best! Good luck! Keep us updated along the way!

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