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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Negative HPT & Positive OPK then finally BFP !!!

My Cycles: 29days to 37days (Irregular) Luteal Phase: 16 days Things I did while TTC (This Cycle) : 1. "Doggy style" (For Posterior Cervix & For Cervix normally shifted to Left) 2. Tussin to thin out my normally thick & creamy cm (3days b4 O & Day of O) 3. Laying on my stomach to the left side for 20 min afterward with small pillow 4. OPK tests 5. Eating healthy (3meals per day & snacks) & Womens Multivitamin 6. Drinking more fluid more juices & smoothies & veggies 7. BD'd for 9 days surronding my O day . Before, During O & After. 8. Charting symptoms Ovulation Day : Left Ovary pain (Ovulation Pain) & Cramping throughout the day . The infamous "Im out feeling" ,Watery & Lotion CM, Tender Breasts On Sides (Normal PMS I usually have it from O to AF) , Increased Sex Drive, Guaifenesin (Tussin). 1DPO: Vivid dreams (Normal for me). I had a dream about alot of fish swimming in a bathtub (conception dream). Little pieces of White CM mixed Creamy CM (The pieces in cm is new), Tender Breasts On Sides (Normal 0 to af), Increased Sex Drive. 2DPO: Nips a little itchy & I felt a pinch in one (Random), Vivid Dream, Creamy CM, Tender Breasts On Sides. 3DPO: Vivid dream , Really Fast Light Left Sided Cramping, Abundant Amount of Thick Creamy/ Lotiony CM, Tender Breasts On Sides, Cervix Medium/High,Firm,Closed , "Im out this month" feeling, Very Little Bloating - Wierd at 3dpo. 4DPO: Cervix Medium Firm Closed, Dull left side twinges "like a heartbeat" (had this before in Non-BFP cycles), Little White Pieces of Odorless Non-Itchy Creamy/ Lotiony CM, Tender Breasts on Sides & Full, Cervix Area Vibrations/Spasms, "Im out feeling" , Vivid dream ( Reoccuring vivid every night -weird). 5DPO: Creamy/ Lotion Pieces of White Cm Odorless no Itching , Tender Breasts On Sides & Mild Ducts A Little Swollen, Nausea "Queaziness" (Woke me from sleep), Full Breasts, Dull & Fast Sharp twinges (Left Ovary), Throbbing Left Ovary Pain. 6DPO: Mild Cramping Left Hip & Lower Abdomen/ Dull Twinges left Sided (Felt like Ovulation & AF), Cervix Area Vibration/Spasms , Light Fatigue, Creamy CM, Tender Breasts, Ovulation Pain, Fatigue, Cramps, Full Breasts, Vivid dream - Chatting with a Kind Older Lady *Older ladies in Dreams can mean Bearing Children after losing hope in one fertility. 7DPO: Vivid Dream - Diving into Ocean , Creamy CM, Tender Breasts (Soreness went down only felt it on insides - Wierd), Diarrhea, Cervix Area Vibration/Spasms, Full Breasts. 8DPO : Creamy CM, Tender Breasts, Light Waves of Nausea/ Queaziness, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Cervix Area Vibration/Spasms, Dull aching left side, Areolas (Tanner and a Tad bit bigger- Wierd), Green and Blue Veins in Breasts More Pronounced (Ive had this is Non BFP cycles). 9DPO: Dry CM (Weird I usually have Lotiony cm Usually from O to AF), Tender Breasts, Bloated (Weird This Late), Constipated, Fatigue, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Green & Blue Veins More Pronounded Breasts, Vivid Dream - Arguing with a Pregnanct Lady. 10DPO: Dry CM, Tender Breasts On Sides & Under Nips, Bloated, Gassy, Diarrhea, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Bloated, Positive +OPK AM/PM, Vivid Dream, Areolas Tanner & Tad Bit Bigger, Fatigued (Cant go more than a 5hrs without eating or I'll feel Fatigued), Woke up 3am Hungry, Stronger Nails. 11DPO BFN : Creamy CM, Negative -HPT (Might have been Very Very Faint +Positive or Could of Been EVAP), 2 Clearly Positive +Opks, Tender Breasts, Bloated, Fatigue, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Nausea (Queaziness), Areolas Tanner and Tad Bit Bigger (They are usually Pinkish/Tan not fully tan), Green & Blue Veiny Breasts, Woke Up at 3am Hungry. 12DPO: Creamy CM, Tender Breasts, Bloated, Heavy Breasts, Full Breasts, Dull Pelvic Ache, "Im out feeling" , Dull Heavy Pelvic Pressure (Feels like AF is coming down but nothing) , Vivid Dream, Areolas Tanner, Pulling/Poking from Slightly Left of belly button area. Slighty Itchy Feet & Palms. DH is getting tired of buying OPKs & HPTs if he sees me POAS again hes gonna freak he wants me to wait til period is due. 13DPO BFP : Vivid Dream - In the Dream I Got a + Pink Pregnancy Test IT that said the words "You are Very fertile" on it, Woke up and Took the HPT(Dollar Tree) I got a Pinkish/Light Second Line it Showed up within 3-4mins so ... +BFP ! , Light Lotiony/Creamy CM, Tender Breasts, Nausea/ Queaziness, Diarrhea, Cramps, Heavy Breasts, Dull Heavy Pelvic Pressure, Frequent Urination. *Things that made me wonder If I Could BE Pregnant: 1. I had WAY more symptoms in my BFN(Regular Menstruation) Cycles. 2. Bloating Didnt start along w/ Sore BBs. It always does but It started much later. 3. BBs Grew almost a CUP SIZE (A to B). 4. All my Vivid Dreams Especially The Fish Swimming & Older Lady Dream, I had 2 Dreams about holding a Beautiful Baby girl b4 Ov. 5. My CM Dried Up for 2days Then became creamy again (Usually its creamy from O to AF). 6. 3 Very Positive + OPKs over the length of 2days. 7. I had Mild Ovulation/AF Pain at 6dpo & Dull twinges/vibration feeling in Around Cervix for a few days. 8. My areolas never got tan or bigger before. Im still in Disbelief Looking at the Test every two Secs. Thinking "No way it has to be WRONG No way I could be Pregnant "Im Hoping & Praying this Bean Sticks. Im sooo happy, but cautiously optimistic because its Very Early. :) My Advice : I got 3 Positive OPKs & 1 Negative HPT between 10DPO-11DPO. Having 3 Positive OPKs+ over 2 different days I thought I had a 2nd LH Surge or PCOS which I read online could happen with irregular cycles, but something told me I might be pregnant. I researched my life away and almost every site said OPK wouldnt pick HCG before HPT would . Well my intuition told to test again I got a + 2 days later (13 DPO) BFP. So dont believe everything that the internet says Every woman is Unique their Preg Symptoms will be Unique.


I've had the same twinges! Like a heartbeat starting 6dpo. Continued until 10dpo. Odd pinch now and again (either 11-12dpo today) and had two light BFPs on Morrisons tests, IC test and a FRER. boobs only got sore yesterday!!! Which is so weird to me. And they are even worse today.  i knew I was pregnant at 6dpo. I swear that heartbeat pinching thing was the start of implantation.  Still waiting for a digital to confirm as it's still very early, but congrats girl!❤️❤️❤️

Hi! I am currently 8dpo and 1st round of clomid. I just used opk vs hpt dollar tree. I know it's really early because Im pretty sure I had implantation 5/6dpo cause more cramps. I NEW I Od  last week because of the 3 sharp stabbing pains on my left. This clomid has really made me "feel" everything! I have all kinds of symptoms. Was looking for some hope with positive opk and neg.hpt. so thank you! Hope u have a healthy & happy 9 months:D hope I can join you here in a few days:)

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