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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

"No" symptoms...

Husband and I have been jokingly on and off again "trying" or lack of preventing, really. Knowing it never happens right away and I end up going on birth control. I've been testing (not in am) just randomly and then I took one (3 days remaining to start my period this month) and within 30 secs a second line showed up!!!
Completely unbelievable as my oldest is 6, my girl is turning 1 Nov 11, 2017!!!
This is so unreal. I am in shock. Idk when I'll fully accept it due to mscarriages and a still birth at 27 weeks!!!

Anyway, I was going to ask how far along anyone thought I would be since I only got a very obvious clear positive yesterday in the middle of the day and I've been testing off n on which I think the extremely FAINT line I had before yesterday was the 25th, the day I was expecting to start my period....
I read that you'll likely get your positive 1 week after conception which would make I guess the week right before my allegedly expected period my conception and make me at 3 weeks so basically nothing... But I know drs will count it from my last period Sept.. something which was o ly 4 days way less pain but still decent bleeding so of course I thot no I wasn't pregnant.
$1 test first
$9 test digital second (today) (neither are first morning urine)

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