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Older Couple and PCOS

My husband is 51 and I am 37. I was diagnosed PCOS at 13, and have struggled with the side effects my whole life. I suffered with obesity despite dieting most of my 20s. I went off birth control when I was 28 and had a surprise pregnancy the next month. I didnt think I would be able to get pregnant without help, hence the surprise. I saw the heartbeat at 8 weeks, and all looked good. Went back at 12 weeks and the babys heartbeat was very slow. They said I would lose baby, and I did. My body didnt recognize it, and had a missed miscarriage. After 45 days of waiting to pass the baby and nothing, I finally demanded some help. They gave me pills that did start the process, but it didnt complete it. 48 hours after I started bleeding, I started to hemorrhage and went to ER for an emergency D & C. Fast forward 6 months, and I felt ready to try again. I did 2 rounds of Clomid and NOTHING. I was so bummed, as my sister tried for a year with nothing, then did one round of Clomid and bam was pregnant. So, I decided to clean up my diet and work on the weight issue. I went vegan and lost 30 lbs that first month, and then bam found out I got pregnant while I was dieting that month. Happy news!!!! I had found a new dr before I got pregnant, one who knew about PCOS and how challenging it could be. Everyone else wanted to wait until i had 3 mc before doing bloodwork or tests. Not her, she brought me in the moment I got a positive test and checked everything. She discovered my progesterone was low, so she started me on suppositories. They kept checking my blood twice a week (oh joy haha). About 8 weeks or so, my progesterone took a dive. They called me (sitting at my desk at work) to tell me that I was likely losing the baby,. I freaked, and demaned I come in right away for an ultrasound. They agreed, and low and behold my baby was sitting in there just fine. So they took me off suppositories ad switched me to shots every day, for the next 6 weeks. I was still on metformin 1500 a day and kept me there until 12 weeks. I took the shots till 16 weeks. That was rough, but I got through it. Rest of pregnancy was uneventful till 39 weeks, they said my urine protein was beginning to go up a bit, and thhey didnt want to chance pre-eclampsia with my pcos and being overweight. So they scheduled me to be induced. After 16 hours of uneventful labor, no pain, and I was only dialated to 4 and then st there for HOURS, they said he needed to be csection. I threw a fit, as I wanted natural all the way for his sake. They gave me 2 more hours, then said he must come out before he starts to have issues jjust sitting there, so we csectioned. After birth, I breastfed and lost a LOT of weight that first year. My baby boy ended up being MSPI, which is milk-soy-protein intolerant, so anything that I ate that had those foods made him very sick to his stomach, and he was losing weight. Once I noticed that ne eating certain foods made him worse, we figured it out. So, there wasnt much I could eat that first year, so I lost alot of weight. Through that, I discovered a whole new world. I researched the heck out of food and diet, and learned a lot. I lost the rest of the weight, started going to the gym, and discovered I LOVED working out, and fed off the challenge of it. I became a personal trainer and started bodybuilding. I know, weird story coming from a girl who had been really fat her whole life. I felt something I had never felt before-HEALTHY!!! AND I was so happy to be a better example for my new baby!!!! I ended up divorcing due to his infidelty when my son was 6 months old (he couldnt handle my new lifestyle). I was single for a LOT of years, dating but never finding the right guy till my new husband. He is older than me, 51 now, and I am 37. So we decided to try for one. I got pregnant the first month we tried. But the hcg levels stopped very early, my beta only got to 15 and then 17 two days later, so I miscarried 5 days after my period was due. It was a painful period with lots of clotting basically. The next two months I had SOOO many symptoms, which I usually dont get much in the tww. I may get a little sore breast in the week before af, but thats it. I was having like every symptom imaginable the 2ww of those 2 months. I would have swore I was super pregnant, but nothing. Then this month, I thought for sure I was out. I had one evening with a lot of lower backache, and this was likely ovulation based on the timing. I have been temp charting since the mc 2 months ago, since I didnt that month. My temps were totally triphasic last month and not pregnant. This month, they were much less dramatic increases. I had one day where I felt really exhausted and slept a lot, and then it was gone the next day. It was replaced by waking up 30 to 45 minutes before my alarm every morning. I have been more energetic, not less. I had one day of sluggish stomach, aand that was my first hint. I ate lunch, the same thing I eat several times a week with no problems, and it sat in my stomach like a bowling ball. I couldnt eat much at dinner. Very unusual for me. My smell was increased, and I was having vivid dreams everynight. 8 dpo: cramping, temp dip, and a few sharp shooting pains that last seconds in my right side, like by your liver haha. I had a dream that I was staring a a BFP that was super dark. 9 dpo: cramping a little still, temp going back up, and another dream about positive pregnancy test. 10 dpo: woke up to fmu test, bfn, but looked like evap lines, it wwas there but not colorful. Waited 2 hours and then peed again, and there it is, a BFP!!! I took 4 more to confirm it wasnt wrong (sure predict internet cheapies) and they all said the same thing! Myt husband is not sure, but he is older and his eyesight is getting bad for closeup stuff. lol 11 dpo: fmu BFP much darker than the darkest ones I got yesterday. No squinting, no holding it under the light, and even my husband can see it with no problems. So we are pregnant again! I am going to try and remain as calm as humanly possible, as I think stress could have been an issue last time, but likely a chemical due to our age. I am praying that this baby is happy, healthy, and sticks around for a full term pregnancy. The biggest thing I can give advice on is CLEAN FOOD. I beg all of you who are struggling with PCOS to stop eating processed foods and eat whole, natural foods. I cannot tell you what a difference it has made for me. I no longer need metformin, I dont take any medications, I feel great, and everyone says I am not aging. It made such a difference for me, and I trained so many women over the years with PCOS and every single one saw big differences in both vitality, healthy, and in fertility (those who were struggling) just by eliminating the bad foods,. Processed foods are laden with chemicals, sugars, preservatives, etc. If it comes in a box, question it. If it grows fresh from the ground of it has a face, eat it. That means, fruits veggies and meats are all good for you. I wont touch starchs or grains. I pray you all get your BFPs and a snuggly little baby to hold in your arms as soon as possible!!!! Anything is possible in life, and as someone once said, 'You must suffer the storm before you can embrace the rainbow". :-)

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