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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Omg bfp finally!!!!!

So I've been TTC since November 2016. Had an abortion done October 2016. Been depressed, sad,angry to mention but a few. All other cycles I took folic acid then found out it was messing with my cycles,so this month august I decided to stop taking any prenatal vitamins. I usually run a 28/29 day cycle but of recent it became sporadic 24-28-31 .I was just fed up of trying too damn this month I put away everything and then just help on to Prayer..prayer..prayer and fasting. That was all I did differently this cycle..yh also I was told I had pcos I think February this year..but I didn't let it weigh me down,in fact I rebuked it and kept my faith strong!
I wasn't really symptom spotting but these are what I could remember:
Period---3 to 7th of August 2017
Bd on 9,11,12,14
Ovulation--16th or 17th not sure, buh I felt ovulation cramps on right side more on the 17th symptoms.BD
2dpo to 10dpo-----nothing much..just breast tenderness which I normally have when auntflo is on her way. BD 3dpo ,5dpo
11dpo.----nothing changed..I also noticed all through I was extremely dry down there.BD
12dpo----was suppose to see my period today. Had cramps ,even had a sanitary pad on but too
13dpo----went to the market and felt so dizzy and tired and thirsty a cheat strip and tested. To my greatest surprise bfp immediately. Still having cramps on both sides
I know its not easy to relax..hell no I didn't. But if you study your bible daily you would see God's promises.
Fruit of the womb is a reward from the lord,ask him for your reward.
Also in the bible, he said go forth and multiply..again claim this.
Another scripture...declare a thing and it shall CME to pass, declare fruitfulness in your life.
Then the verse about Hannah in the bible..she cried out her heart to God..not on the bed..not to people..not to doctors but to God.and God opened her womb, cry out to God only ..and he will open ur womb in Jesus might name. Amen

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so exciting!!

Yes dear. I'm so excited!


Congrats !! This is so true call out to god ! I too got my BFP naturally after 7 years of trying also after having an abortion I regret ! All I did differently this month was pray and pray and pray . GOD ANSWERS PRAYS ! I got my BFP a day after yours love ! Wishing us both a H&H 9 months !

I wish we women will just turn to God and claim Hus promises. There is power in prayers. Just pray about it and let Jesus do the rest.. And those believing God for a bfp..this month of September will not pass u by in Jesus mighty name. Amen

@mommy2be93. I'm so happy for you. Congratulations dearie.

I am here to testify the goodness of the Lord.I have been stalking this board for 5 years but finally God has done it for prenatals,no folic acid nothing. I was told I had low AMH, blocked tubes everything was working against us. Ladies hang in there in prayer God is still in the habit of performing miracles. "When the time is right,I the Lord will make it happen"

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