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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

OMG! First cycle TTC and a BFP at 12dpo!!

Oh my god...I'm a bit shell shocked! This was our first cycle TTC after coming off Cerazette at the very end of March. I'd been on the pill for nearly 10years, but before that my periods had always been really irregular (cycles ranging from 28 days to 6-8 weeks). I'm also no spring chicken (36 in September), so I really didn't think things would happen so quickly!

I knew we'd BD'd on my ovulation day due to a positive opk result, so I've been through the agonising tww. Got a bit impatient and took a pregnancy test on Friday (9dpo), which was BFN. BUT this morning (after dreaming about a BFP) and only went and got one!!! I'm 12dpo.

Not had many symptoms yet, except really tender breasts and sore nipples. The odd cramp as well, but I have mild IBS and sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

Husband is being cautious and not getting too excited until we're a little further in. I'm a little in shock...


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