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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

OMG - in complete shock!

Hello ladies,

I can't believe I'm actually writing this post as I've been lurking on various sites for almost 4 years reading other ladies' stories and now I can finally share mine. My husband (40) and I (34) have been TTC for almost 4 years now. I got pregnant very early on but it was chemical and so the month after month of trying started. Finally we went for some private health advice and founf out that I had a low AMH. Hubby was perfect so that was at least a blessing. We started with IUI and the first one didn't take. The doc said he would allow me to do one more IUI before moving on to IVF but that was would be IVF next. First cycle of IUI, I reacted really well to the meds but BFN all the same. Second cycle of IUI I developed a cyst and only had 1 other good follicle so expectations were super low. I in fact have been convinced for the past week that it was a BFN. This morning, I did a FRER and OMG - it was positive. Followed it up with a digital which says I'm Pregnant at 1-2 weeks. Today is 12 dpiui.

Ladies, I was a crazy symptom checker and was 100% convinced I was out this month...maybe tmi but.....I had no cm, sore boobs only like every cycle on and off and NOTHING else to give me the slightest clue I might get a BFP. I honestly now completely believe that trying to check for symptoms is just completely useless and drives us nuts while trying to figure things out.

If I can get a BFP, I really believe anyone can - good luck ladies, I hope this helps someone out there. I know reading other success stories really helped me out when I was lurking for month after month.

Babydust to all xxx


congrats!! It gives me hope as I too have been trying for 4 years and I am now trying clomid.

M in same boat...since 4 years waiting for my bfp and losing hope...

I know what you're going through Tagra and 4years....please don't lose hope - stick with it and keep the faith. Miracles can happen and even if its still too early for me to have a scan or see whatever is actually inside, at least I know that it CAN happen and I have to hope for the best that this sticks. Most importantly, don't blame yourself and don't think you're alone - you're not! It's the toughest journey ever but lets all just take a moment to imagine the payoff....babydust and positive thoughts to you both

Thank you for coming back and posting your success. It is inspiring! Good luck to you!!

I'm sooo happy for you! We're thinking of doing the IUI. We've done the labs and semen test and everything came back normal which is good to know as I honestly thought dh had a problem given its been 4yrs since we got married and still no baby. Praying for much success with our IUI too. Any suggestions and or tips? All the best with you pregnancy and delivery.

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