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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

PCOS and BFP naturally :)

This month was our 2nd cycle TTC. Last month I really believed I was pregnant and was devastated when AF came. We had sex every day for a week, including the day I got my positive OPK. I cut out caffeine, watched what I ate, and no alcohol. I was testing almost every day and now I cant admit I was very stressed out.
This month we did things a little differently.
We instead had sex every OTHER day for the week leading up to ovulation, hoping this would give his spermies a chance to build back up. This month I did my best to NOT stress over it and to live my life like we weren't even trying. I went out one night (had a drink), painted our house (with a mask), ate what I normally do, and even drank caffeine. I also did NOT monitor my ovulation with OPK test. I noticed EWCM, took that as a sign of ovulation and had sex on that day just to cover all the bases.

Here were my symptoms before my BFP

1DPO and 2DPO - low back pain, CM - dry
3DPO - low back pain, acne, CM - creamy
4DPO - 6 DPO - low back pain, AF like cramps, acne, CM- creamy
7DPO - 10DPO - feeling like AF is coming ANY day (cramps and low back pain), CM - heavier than normal and creamy (like school glue, gross I know), food aversions (couldn't finish any of my meals and had NO appetite), NAUSEA (never threw up, but was nauseated all day every day)
11DPO - 14DPO - Still felt like period was coming any day, I even bought tampons (was due on 13DPO), but the other symptoms were gone.
15DPO - 2 days late and BFP!!!!!!!!!! it was a SHOCK but such a blessing!!!!!

I am now 6 weeks along and I am EXHAUSTED all the time and my boobs are KILLING me but those are really the only symptoms i'm experiencing!
Good luck to you ALL!!! BABY DUST TO EVERYONE!!!!


Oh, this makes me so happy to read! It gives me so much hope! 

I also have PCOS and also have a lot of similar symptoms! I am 14dpo today and am avoiding taking a test for a couple more days. I just don't want to be heartbroken again! 

Congrats again!!!

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