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PCOS - IUI - 8 days post 250mcg Ovidrel and very confused

So - I did my first 250 mcg ovidrel shot on 12/31. IUI on 1/1/17 and 1/2/17. Was asked to take another 250mcg ovidrel shot on Jan 5th because my progesterone wasn't as high as they would've liked. It is now 1/13/17 which is 11 days post IUI, 8 days post ovidrel. I received a positive clear blue digital test on 1/9. Then I received 2 bfN on clear blue digital on 1/10. Then I took 5 dollar store tests on 1/12 and they all had a very faint 2nd line so I am assuming its a BFP. Then I went out and got a digital but it says bfN.... so I am extremely confused. I read that digital tests cant detect early pregnancy as good as the regular urine tests but I don't want to get my hopes up. Can someone help me out here. This is all too much! My BETA is on Monday 1/16 and the wait is HORRENDOUS lol.

My symptoms are slightly sore nipples, a little heavy in the lower abdominal area, almost like period cramps, back is killing me but that's about it.



I am not sure. It might have been the HCG injection but I am hoping you get your BFP this cycle. I did IUI on 1/5/2017. Tomorrow is 14dpiui. I am so nervous to test! I have dull cramping in my lower abdomen today. Last cycle af showed up 16dpiui. I am debating on testing or waiting. Sending baby dust your way!





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