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PCOS, No Period and 4 BFPs After Implantation Bleeding, So Happyyy

Wow this is unreal. I am actually writing my own post here on tww! I'm so overwhelmed with joy and excitement. I found out I had pcos after having the implant in for 1 month in March 2012. I had 2 light periods April and June then nothing even up to now nothing! I had an appointment with gyno 25th Feb to talk about fertility treatment but I got there 1st yay :) I was going to bed early (not like me) but getting up very early just can't sleep at the same time every morn 5 am. I couldn't stop complaining about how sore my boobs are. One morning of getting up at 5 am 28th Jan 2013 I wiped and notice a tiny amount of pinky clear blood (thought finally af had come after so many months but then I had nothing!) That morn bored ordered 20miu early test on amazon 2 for £1.90p. They arrived 4 day later on 2.02.2013 so I unwrapped them right away and peed. I saw the red dye flow and thought nothing as the control line came up 1st it did say wait 5 mins but I ran upstairs to speak to my fiance for like 1 minute then came back down and thought I', just gonna check it again and automatically saw a 2nd line it was bold but faint but there. I never said omg so much lol I was in shock but over the moon I did not believe it because I haven't had af since June 2012 ....???? Ok I have one more test of the same. I peed again but in a cup. I noticed the pee was cloudy n darker yellow hmmm waited for a minute or 2 and there it was. I just couldn't believe it so I went and got another two test and yes positive and darker. I hope it's a sticky bean. I just don't have any symptoms. I reckon I'm very early 2-3 weeks. I'm hoping the doctor has good news for me next week so I can relax and believe that I am!!!! It's so good if it was to be a false I'm not sure how I would cope. PCOS destroyed my faith in ttc but I changed my diet and I bd a lot even tho af was nowhere! I prayed when it got hard and dreamed that when the day comes will be the best day of my life wish every baby dust especially pcos ladies I no what your going through everywhere seems like a nowhere with no sign of hope there is hope you can do it, thank you for taking time to read my story .x

no period
sore boob pale skin light break out change diet taking pregna care


Congratulations! I have PCOS and i am currently going on no period since November. :/ It is frustrating at times and i just try to keep the faith and hope that one day it will be my turn. I have been exercising and hoping that it will help me conceive a little easier. Your story is definitely going to help me stay positive on this frustrating journey!! Good luck!!!

thankyou im spotting brownnow so not feeling as confident :( but still hanging in there waiting for new tests but you deffo keep trying and it will happen gd luck x

hi every1 im new to all this i found out i have pcos over a month ago ive been trying to concieve for 2years doc put me on metaformin my last period was 5th sept 13 and today 12th november 13 im on my 4th day of spotting im really confused any advice at all ill be happy, x

Hi Kiera, I'm going through the same. Currently spotting at the moment and slight cramping but no other signs. I pray to god I'm pregnant, any advice ladies? This story has lifted all my hopes x x

I have been trying for 3 years. Started metformin in November dropped 40 pounds and have had a period ever since. I am currently 3 days late but I have PCOS so is it really late lol!

I hope you are! I usually just read and never post. Knowing others are going threw the something is helpful. I was diagnosed with pcos two years ago about 6 weeks ago i started metformin 500mg twice a day i had been on my period for a week when i started taking it i didnt stop till 8/27 a week ago i took a pregnancy test because of no period and because i was peeing all the time but it was negative on the 26th i had one very small gush of blood sorry tmi that night i had very very light red spot on my liner when i woke up in the morning but thats it then yesterday a tiny amount of brownish pink discharge last night and so far today i have had nothing not even when i wipe. Should i re test? I hate getting a bfn...

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