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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Positive doing our 5th iui!

I actually have a bfp story of my own finally! My wife and I have been trying since July to get pregnant by iui. We are both 25 and mutually agreed that I would go first in trying to get pregnant because she has rheumatoid arthritis so she would have to be off her medication for at least a year and then not get to take anything for her pain while pregnant. We have gone through 5 iui's- the first was natural, second was a miscarriage with letrizole only, third only took letrizole but no luck, fourth time I got put on letrizole and menopur (made me produce a lot of follicles but still went along with it) and the fifth time I was on letrizole and Follistim. I had 2 follicles (18mm and 19mm). We also had the same donor through the whole process. Each time we tried again we tried to do something different. When we started our fifth cycle we decided if this didn't work then we were going to take a break and try Ivf because the dr recommended it. With this cycle I tried to be as relaxed as possible to not even think about maybe I am or am not pregnant. I had a few glasses of wine at our date night with friends at my favorite steak house. I had read about women eating pineapple cores for 6 days or so to help with implantation. I decided to give it a try even though my wife thought I was crazy, but eventually she got crazy too making sure I had pineapple sliced and ready for me. I ate it for the whole two week wait just because I love pineapple. I also started taking different vitamins before this cycle. I was always on prenatal vitamins but our good friend told us about ID life and the vitamins being super pure with no fillers like some you buy at the store, plus less than half the price than my prenatals the dr prescribed me, and that some of his friends that had been trying for years to conceive got pregnant after starting ID life. So I was like I'll give it a try. I took a health assessment which does ask if your trying to conceive and about your diet and health in general. Then I had our friend who is a dr look over and make sure I was taking everything needed while trying to conceive. I had to take two trigger shots again this round. The first was before our iui the second was 6 days after to help with implantation. So basically that meant I could take a home pregnancy test. Ugh it was killin me. But I couldn't resist and I wanted to watch myself test out. So at 11 dpiui I started with my cheapies. I got a super faint line. So we continued for another day and noticed the line get darker. We decided to go buy better one and I'm glad we did because we got to watch the line get darker everyday. It was a great feeling but we still were nervous because this happened with our miscarriage. So after our two week wait was up which always feels like forever we went to the dr which was on 16 dpiui because of my work schedule I couldn't go when the dr wanted which was only one day sooner. We waited for our phone call at the hospital visiting my cousins baby. Man did baby fever get super crazy when holding a newborn. We were on our way home and they called and said congratulations your pregnant! Your Hcg is 462 and progesterone was 80. They said come back in 3 days and we think you'll be above 1,000. Well today was our blood work again and my Hcg was 1235. Yay! We got to schedule our first ultrasound:))) the only symptom I have had so far has been heartburn and I didn't have any implantation spotting just some small random cramps that lasted like 3 seconds. It's a rough journey but it's so worth it to keep going. I lived on this site for the past 8 months and it really helped to read other women's stories about trying to conceive.


Congratulations!! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. 

congratulations to you and your wife!!

Congratulations! my wife and I are trying for our third  same donor with all :0) my AF is due in three days .. this  the second cycle .... But our first was first cycle then MC at first cycle then my second was 2nd cycle after MC  So fingers crossed this time, although I am laid in bed with cramping today so not feeling very optimistic 

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