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Pregnancy After Implanon

Hi ladies!! I just wanted to give the ladies that have had their implanon removed and is ttc a little hope. I am 31 years old and have 2 beautiful girls. I had the implanon for 6 years and the hubs and I decided we wanted to try again so I had it removed on January 4, 2013. I had my first period on January 21. The hubs and I bd mostly every other day (we missed a day twice but bd the very next day). I am not sure when I ovulated but I had ewcm on Feb 5th and Feb 13. Here's the breakdown...

CD 1-6 Af
CD 8 bd
CD 10-11 bd
CD 13 bd
CD 16 EWCM, bd
CD 18 bd
CD 20 bd (twice)
CD 22 bd
CD 24 EWCM, bd
CD 27 bd
CD 28 Flu like symptoms and crying, slight cramping
CD 29 Moody, cramping, and I wasn't eating a lot but I couldn't skip a meal like I usually do
CD 30 Back pain, headache, stuffy nose (Faint line on frer)
CD 32 BFP from Clearblue at 2pm

I never had sore boobs and I just started working where I stand all day, so some of the back pain probably came from that. I did have very vivid and crazy dreams. The funny thing is while at work this baby wanted me to hold her and when I gave her back to her Mom she cried horribly. And I've always heard people say that babies can sense when ur pregnant! Another thing (and maybe this is a southern thing) is they say when someone dream of catching fish then someone close to them is pregnant. My husband to me February 16 he dreamed he was catching fish. Lol! I'm not sure how true this is but it always happen in our family. I pray my story help some of you ladies like so many have helped me!!



Hello, I had my implomon I'm fit 3 1/2 years. I had it removed Feb 13, 2013. I starred my period a week later. My husband and I did the deed on March 3rd & 8th. Mary 27th I took a pregnancy test and it was (+). I WAS SO SHOCKED! I go to my first ob appointment in April 26th........ Good luck ladies. ....

I had mine removed January 8th and had a very positive result on clear blue march 26. My husband and I are excited with this and have our first ob appointment may 1.

i am scheduled to have my implanon removed on May 23, 2013. i know everyone is different but i wanted to get an idea of how long it would take to get pregnant. My husband and I already have two boys that are aged 9 and 10 and i want to try for my gurl. Hopefully the third time is the charm. I had been on Depo since i had my second son and transitioned to the Implanon just a little over a year ago. Would it be harder for me to get pregnant because of the Depo and being on it so long?

Hey girls, i have a under active thyroid but my levels are stable and i had 6years of implanon, had it removed in mid June 2013 had a period in August 2013 and nothing since, all tests have been negative, but there has been changes to my breasts, my nipples harden for no reason and seem more veiny,my appetite, my sexdrive has gone ott, I've been having some really crazy dreams, very hormonal, emotions are all over the place, but my progesterone levels are slightly low according to my gp, I don't know what to make of it all, no periods no positve results, so whets happening with my body??x

Im new to this,but me and my boyfriend is wanting to have our first love child.. but I got my implant removed October 2nd 2013 since then I havent got a period or nothing!! I tested this morning came back negative :( when the best time to test?? I need help!!

Hey chrissy they say your body goes back to normal after a week but it's not like that for everyone as we are all different. It took my sister 6months after the implant was removed to fall pregnant and this is my fourth month of trying since I had my implant removed, it may take a lil time but at least it's fun trying, good luck sweety x

I had my implant out July 30th 2013. Missed a period November 2013- tests negative... Then positive (when 7 weeks pregnant) crazy! Now I am getting big already... Feeling rough and worried about multiple births.... Does the implant influence this? X

Hey ladies,so after reading everyone's comments it sounds like it could just take time regardless of the removal....I just had mine taken out on Jan 22,2014 2 yrs and 10 months.It was due out on March 1,2014 but I wanted it out early.I have a 3 yr old daughter and my bf has two as well so I'm hoping we can make one of our own.Any tips on the best way to make it happen??Ill be 28 in March 2 and I'm ready for #2

Hey ladies,so after reading everyone's comments it sounds like it could just take time regardless of the removal....I just had mine taken out on Jan 22,2014 2 yrs and 10 months.It was due out on March 1,2014 but I wanted it out early.I have a 3 yr old daughter and my bf has two as well so I'm hoping we can make one of our own.Any tips on the best way to make it happen??Ill be 28 in March 2 and I'm ready for #2

Hi ladies I am new to this site but I jus need some help answers an tips ok I had my implanon in for 5 years an 2mth I just had it removed Jan. 30th had my first period Feb.9th I'm suppose to ovulate on the 18th til 23rd I have had sex with my husband everyday since the removal......I have had headaches lower back pain mood swings weird abdominal cramping an light fatigue for maybe a week an a half now wat does this mean help

I had my implanon in for a year after gastric surgery, my doctor put me on prenatal vitamins due to the fact I told her I wanted to try and concieve, I had my surgery april 29, 2013 and I had my implanon in way before that, I got it removed on 2/3/2014 so I was wondering how soon would it be for me to concieve, I bleed heavy three weeks after the removal of my implanon nothing since then.

Hi Im Due To Take My Implant Rod Out Today (27th March 2014) In 2010 I Had A Delayed Miscarriage At 5 1/2 Months And Then Last Year I Had One At 8 Weeks.. Im So Scared That It Might Happen Again But The Past 2 Times Wasnt Planned.. If I Do Everything Right This Time Like Record Dates Of When I Did The Deed Lol And Get Myself Some Prenatal Vitamins You Think This Might Help.. I Want To Start Trying In A Few Days.. Just Need Some Advice...

I had my implant taken out July 2013. On the implant I would have a little bit of spotting but not much compared to a normal period for me that was full on for 7 days every 28 days. I have always be regular and very heavy. I decided to have it taken out as me and my partner wanted to try for another baby.
The doctor that removed it told me that I could fall pregnant after only just a week of having it out.

I have been told that some people get irregular periods when they do return for about a year. However 9months and counting I have not had period. I have taken pregnancy test every 6months or so but they come back negative. I am getting really worried now has anyone had this aswell ??

I had my implanon removed april 7 I havent had a period for the whole month I took a test jus after two weeks but my obgyn said that wld be too early to wait a month I've had unprotected sex since I got it removed n no signs of spotting either but I do get nauseated here n there with bad cramps and lower back pains im also always hungry. Problem is my prds have always been irregular so I dnt knw when I was suppose to have one the last of I had was after having my son in aug 2012 can I be pregnant already?

Hey girls, I had my Nexaplon removed May 6th. Had intercourse every day since the removal...Since then ive had very sore nipples and severe back pain. I was wondering are these pregnancy symptoms or my hormones trying to adjust?? Is it even possible to get pregnant so fast?

I had implanon removed on the 16, of June 2014 after 3years 9month just had unprotected sex 18 is there a chance I can get pregnant?????

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