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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

pregnancy after miscarriage

On September 12 2014 I got my positive test so eciting right? Always exciting for me can barely stand to keep the news to our selves. We already had a boy name picked out Jayden Davis (no middle name yet still early). This pregnancy was my hardest ones and still not sure why. I had spotting almost every month (not a full period) always scared me but I didn't have cramps but ended up in the hospital three times in the first three months. I had such bad nausea I couldn't eat for days without the medicine they prescribed me. October 31st (Halloween, couldn't even wear a Halloween costume like I saw all the other pregnate woman I saw that night because I wasn't even showing yet. As we were walking the kids around I started to feel bad very very bad and had a horrible feeling. November 2nd I started bleeding again so again off to the er it was a Saturday morning. That day we found out our babies heart had stopped beating and I was going to have the worst pain in my life the next day. Now aside from dealing with my emotions (we all know how that can) even if it never happened to you as woman we know how we would feel in that situation. I also had to be emotionally there for my partner he had never experienced that type of loss and he was lost trying to figure out why? Why us? As for me I did cry and go through all the normal emotions although I had a slight advantage. I was a surrogate about 4 years ago and delivered a healthy baby boy for a very loving couple from Spain long story short while working with them I did have a miscarriage with twins at about 11 weeks so I knew the feeling but it's still very different when it's your baby. All I did know and take away from that experience was that everything happens for a reason and god knew what he was doing. I was under a lot of stress and it just wasn't a good situation all around. Now we have recently moved and everything is just so much less stressful now. So just yesterday March 16th 2015 (2 days before my husband's birthday) I got to give him some great news. We are expecting again :). I already told him a few days before "I think one of your little guys finally did the job". I think for his own emotional protection he acknowledged me but he wasn't sure what to say. I was having a lot of symptoms but I couldn't determine weather it was just in my head because it's something we have been wishing for since our loss in November or it was real. I was having cravings since day one pickles (so cliche I know but so true) waffles and chocolate ice cream and shrimp oh my shrimp I don't know what's going on but still I brushed it off. Then that two week wait time right how strenuous to have to wait 2 whOle weeks to find out what's going on. Then March 9th (period due) no af for me and my chest has all of a sudden doubled and I had blue veins going all to my nipples. The fist thing that hinted me was the tingling right to my nipples almost as if they were two water balloons being filled up if you can imagine. Then March 16th still no af and I had my test it was about noon so it wasn't my first morning pee but I prayed and told god if I was pregnate it should show now for sure. Sure enough the test was proceding and at first just the one line and as soon as it was done I saw the plus sign I came to the living room with the test in my pocket and as I handed it to him I said happy early b day:). He was so excited but scared we both agreed not to share the news with anyone until I'm about 4 to 5 months only because what happened in November. How funny things work we lost our baby November 3rd 2014 and this baby will be due in early November.
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Congratulations!  FX for a Happy and Healthy 9 mos for you.

Congrats! Saying a little prayer for you, and your hubby.

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