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Pregnant 2 Weeks After Chemical Pregnancy...BUT!!!

Wow what a rollercoaster I've been on the past few days! Ok so I posted my BFP story last month and ended up losing that pregnancy at 4 weeks and 3 days. So sad. Well two weeks later I ovulated and yep I'm pregnant again!!!

Having an early loss makes you crazy paranoid! It's so unreal how nervous I am and here's why.

This pregnancy is starting to feel slightly like last months but just not as severe. I was so positive thinking last month and I really don't want to think negative but I can't help it. Last month my back was killing me and I had lots of cramping and ovary sensations. I just knew that pregnancy wasn't normal. This month I've had some back pain on some days (something I never had with my son) but no cramping at all. Matter of fact all seems way to quiet in my tummy. No twinges, aches, cramps, nothing! So weird!

Well I'm currently 12 dpo today so WE SHALL SEE HOW THIS TURNS OUT.

Here's my story thus be continued.

What I used:
Started progesterall (self-diagnosed b/c doctor refused even when I KNEW I had low progesterone) at 5po. Started with 20 mg and gradually increased to 80 mg when I got my bfp.
Take 1 baby aspirin daily starting in two-week wait.
Complete multivitamin
Use Pre-Seed every time we bd's and an instead cup if we bd during the day.
Bd's two days before ovulation, on ovulation day and 3 days after (just like last time) That seems to be my winning schedule.

1-5 dpo- not much. cm went from ewcm to wet to creamy and then dry.
6dpo- Breast are so sore on the sides. (I don't get sore breast at all)
7dpo- bd and noticed cervix felt high. Usually I can feel hubby hitting cervix when we bd after I've ovulated.
8dpo- breast still sore. Low back ache started before bed (uh oh)
9 dpo- no back aches. relieved. very hungry
10 dpo- a faint bfp. breast sore off and on today.
11 dpo- darker bfp but still faint. dull back pain all day. So scared by this.
12 dpo- super light bfp in am lighter than yesterday. WHAT!!!!!! I'm so scared. Another freaking chemical!! I retest with second morning urine and the test is darker. So relieved! A few light tummy cramps today. First sign of any kind of stomach sensations. Slight back aches throughout the day. My breast are only sore at night.

I'm suppose to get AF on Monday. I'm so scared. I just keep getting these sensations and running to the bathroom thinking I'm going to see AF.


I got pregnant two weeks after a chemical pregnancy at one point as well.  I lost that pregnancy too, but wasn't on progesterone, and every pregnancy I've had on progesterone has been a success.  I wanted to encourage you by saying that I've had back pain off and on through my entire current pregnancy thus far, especially early on due to implantation (now 13 wks.)  I wish you the best!

My first pregnancy was also a chemical (5weeks 5 days).  But same story, I got pregnant right away the next cycle, stressed and stressed the whole first trimester, but not a single problem. I went on to have a perfectly healthy beautiful daughter who is now 2 and a half years old.  Now I'm back to TTC #2, but so far it hasn't been part of God's plan.  Praying for a BFP tomorrow...we'll see.

I'm so glad you shared this!  I had a chemical pregnancy last week and I already have the symptoms of ovulation which I didn't think could be possible.  I'm wishing you lots of baby dust.  Stay away AF!!

Thanks so much! I'm keeping my finger crossed. I posted this at 12 dpo and I'm now 14 dpo. The backackes and cramps have stopped for the past two days and AF have not showed up. BReast are super sore again. I'm praying this one sticks. When I had my first chemical and told me doctor about the positive studies on progesterone I'd been reading and I had all the symptoms of low progesterone. She refused to test my levels. She said I would have to have 3 chemicals in a row for them to start "testing" since chemicals are so common. I can deal with a pregnancy that is lost because the baby was not genetically normal, but I refuse to lose a baby simply because my body is not making enough progesterone to support a pregnancy, especially when it can be prevented. I just wish doctors were more sympathetic to chemcial pregnancies. 

absolutely, I was the first commenter, and after my two miscarriages, they wanted me to wait for a third to test my progesterone level and I begged my way into them testing with my daughter.  She's perfect, my current pregnancy is going great, I don't regret doing the progesterone with either pregnancies one bit!  Kuddos for sticking with your gut.  Praying you have a sticky bean.

They will give progestroene when they feel it is needed. A chemical pregnancy occurs in most women. Its around 70% of conseptions. We just do not normally realize it. If a woman continually has this issue they will prescribe it. Chemical pregnancies are typically caused by abnormalities with the DNA of the embryo. This is why they choose not to prescribe. They typically monitor the hormone levels prior to making that decision. Instead of self prescribing I would suggest seeing a different doctor first. Just because a doctor refused it on. One time occurrence, and depending of fertility, pregnancy history, and hormone levels come in to play. Hope the author has a healthy bouncing baby by now. Considering this is an old thread.

Had a chemical pregnancy Jan 31rst...bled 8 days heavily...have been testing the past few days and get barely noticeable positive pregnancy tests...I have to hold it to the light and mess with faint my boyfriend thinks im crazy....could this be another c/p? Did i test tooo early?

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