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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Pregnant after 2 chemical pregnancies, 12 months trying

After 12 long months and two very early miscarriages (both in week 5), I am now pregnant with what feels like a strong pregnancy and am 6 weeks along. Still keep testing every day to reassure myself the lines are getting darker and not fainter like in my second pregnancy. Got a positive result on 10 DPO and the last one is from 21 DPO.

Things I did different:

Supplements / Meds: have been taking the following for a a few months, was a bit more regular this month
- Cod liver oil
- Folate 800 mg (not folic acid)
- Raspberry leaf tea - 3 - 4 times a day
- Fiber drinks
- Guafenesin after cycle day 10, 1 a day for a week
- Baking soda finger when opk started getting darker, and once more when I thought I was ovulating
- Made sure husband took his multi and drank oj

Other things we made sure to do were to avoid oral sex, have heard it may kill sperm. I also put my lunette cup in after sex and left it in for a few hours. This time I lay on my stomach with my butt up after learning I have a retroverted uterus.

After getting a positive on 10 dpo I was cautiously optimistic because of my past miscarries, and was very worried when I saw some spots of blood. It was a weekend so couldn't get in and get my progesterone or hcg levels checked out so I just used a progesterone suppository from my last time. Was able to get my blood work done on the monday and again on wednesday and saw the levels rising appropriately and a healthy progesterone. Still taking the supplements since it's not advisable to stop all of a sudden, maybe didn't need them but wanted to be safe.

Didn't have too much symptoms, was actually pretty sure I was out this month. Just felt tired and boobs were sore.


Good for you for being proactive with the progesterone!  Good luck and best wishes!

Congrats and good luck!!

OMG CONGRATS!!! I've also had two chemical pregnancies and am currently trying to conceive again. Currently on first round of Clomid. Your story gives me a lot of hope. I feel like since I had the two chemicals before, I will be an emotional wreck when I do get my next bfp. SOO excited that yours is strong and so dark!! You go girl!

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