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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Pregnant after Depo-Provera

So i wanna start out by saying, how crazy all this stuff can be! Everything i've read online says, it'll take a year or more for Depo to get out of you body for you to even attempt to try to get pregnant. So heres my story!

I've been on the depo shot since i was 17. I'm 23, almost 24. Married. My last depo shot was July 2014. We knew we wanted to have children, so i stopped the shot right before we got married. So i did not receive my next shot in October. In November, i was feeling so pregnant, which i knew i couldn't be yet. But the symptoms were all there. Huge boobs, sore, nauseous, overly tired. After about a month of feeling like that, i finally started to feel like myself again. So in February, i got a light period. First once i have had since high school. So when i got a regular period in March, we were pretty excited. in April, i got some OPK test, and they came out positive around cycle day 16. so we tried for the next 6 or 7 day to be on the safe side. But in May, i got a heavy heavy period for like 6 days. it was so heavy, nothing i had ever experienced before. big blood clots also. So i couldn't decide what exactly it was. But i still wanted to test with ovulation. So i got the Clear Blue that has the 2 peak symbols. I didn't ovulate until cycle day 26 or so. SO very late. So i would have ovulated around the first of June. So i've been waiting for my period, thinking well, i know its gunna be later now because i ovulated late. I took a Clear Blue pregnancy weeks estimater test on Wednesday after the gym. So it was around noon. and it came out BFP!!!!!!!!!! says 1-2 weeks. I wasn't feeling any symptoms, except being extremely forgetful and not being able to focus at work, which is the complete opppsite of me. and my boobs were started to get a bit sore, but i figured it was my period coming. we did a blood test on Thursday, the results will be told to us on Monday. But i do have pretty sore boobs. light cramping. And the Drs said if i took a test and it said i was, then i am. So we are excited, but hoping everything goes as planned!!! But Depo works differently in everyone! so keep your hopes and heads held high!! <3



Finally got my HCG results!!! 8435!!! so high! either i'm having twins, or further along then we know. my first dr. appointment is today! fingers crossed.

How'd everything turn out?

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