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pregnant at 41

I was naturally pregnant when I was 40 but had missed miscarriage in 9 weeks.Started trying to get pregnant after 2 regular cycles in Feb 2011. Got pregnant in Nov.2011.I am a Happy Mom of 30 month Old toddler boy. My husband keeps travelling and I wanted to get pregnant asap before he goes away for months. This is what I tried- Wheat grass juice shots everyday 3.5 miles walk 5 times a week Bee pollen CoQ10 monitored cycles with ovulation kit Took help-Dr.Jerome Check practising at NJ/PA I have gone thru' the stress for 9 months of TTC and want to give my 2 cents to those who are trying to get pregnant. I would strongly recommend Dr.Check.His staff is not very friendly still the results are very amazing. He is not a statItistics minded doctor like most of those I met in NJ. If you are over 40 with FSH higher than 12 most of the MEAN STATISTIC minded Drs. like RMANJ and IVFNJ will sure discourage you and will keep pushing towards donor egg.In such negative surrounding Dr.Check is the only one who is ready to experiment ,tweek the treatment and give you realistic hope:) I hope my story helps, inspires many of you! WISH ALL THE READERS GOODLUCK!


Thank you for posting I have been Ttc for 4yrs. Have had 3 miscarriages. I went to one specialist and and tried the standard IUI procedures. Also true a round of IVF. No luck. We took a break which was when I had 2 of the miscarriages. Desperate not to give up hope, I thought of trying acupuncture. The accupunture dr. Had gotten pregnant at 43 and had a few older patients successfully conceive. She referred me to dr. Checks office. I have been going to Dr. Check since August but no luck yet. They have however done more for me than any other fertility specialist. I had my first perfect cycle since August last month and am entering what looks to be another good cycle all based in his research and efforts to tweak and try different things. I am at the end of 43 and becoming discouraged and worrying it just might not happen. I got married later and thought I did the right thing by not settling in the hubby department but wish to God I would have known 1/2 of what I know now about fertility in your late 30's and over 40. Your post makes me feel better about sticking it out with his practice.

Congratulations! This is excellent news. Can you please share exactly what you took (how much and what kind)? I have been investigating Wheat Grass Juice shots and I'm not sure which one to take. Same with the bee pollen and CoQ10. Any info you can share would be fantastic. Thank you!!!

Hi Rebecca,  Sorry for late reply. I sincerely do not remember brands,But I was not perticular about brands. Wheatgrass juice -I used to buy from frozen section of whole foods in CA and then from frozen section of Natural Grocers in TX. Please do not lose hope.Dr.Check will sure help you.Please meet him in person and stay in touch with his office. Pls feel free to write to me at I will sure keep you ,staglet and all those who are wating for BFP  in my prayers. Wish to hear BFP news from all of you Very Soon! Love, SV    

Hi we have been TTC for 6 months. Me-39, DH-36. I am beginning this journey and am so nervous. I have been stalking these boards for a while. I just had a polyp removed from my uterus on Thursday and I'm waiting for initial blood work to come back. I know many people who have used rma nj and IVf nj. Can you elaborate on your experience?

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