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Pregnant At 44!

Hi Ladies! Congratulations on all of your pregnancies! Wow! I'm pregnant! I already have a 24 and 20 year old,and thought I was done. My partner and I have been discussing,and planning,but not really trying yet. I was concerned about the age thing,since I hear so much about that,and few years ago,I had a miscarriage in the first trimester.I had no pregnancy symptoms and found out about the pregnancy shortly before the miscarriage happened. Well, I'm totally surprised! I have been super tired and had sore breasts for about 2 weeks...over the weekend I noticed spotting...looked like implantation bleeding,and low backache. I was intrigued,but in disbelief. So, I waited a few days,until today to take a home pregnancy test which took no time at all to come up positive! So here I am 44, and if the little one can hang in there, will be 45 when I give birth. Everything that I see on the net about this is negative and puts worrisome thoughts into my head. Thank You all for sharing your stories. I'm happy to hear that there are more of us,and that this really is normal!
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Your story gives me hope. I'm 41, DH and I ttc going on 5 yrs. Thank you for sharing! All the best to you, H&H 9 months.

I am so happy for you that is awesomesauce!!! I am 43 and ttc. I have 16, 13, and 6 year old. Hoping for the best, it is everyones right to have the family they want... Baby dust and good vibes to you and congrats again :-)

Thank you for sharing your story.  I am 44 and am beginning to think I may never have a baby but your story came just when I needed a bit of hope.  Congratulations and wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

A little of encouragement here....I was 43 when I conceived my son!  I, like uyou, was pretty discouraged of the negativity but it is getting more accepting but people can still be ignorant but they kept it all to themselves so I was fine!  The advice I can give you is one day at a time.  One test at a time and keep positive thoughts!  I did the maternit21 test at 14 weeks and everything was fine and they told me it was a boy that early!!  Chin up and enjoy every little moment and document is an exciting time and enjoy it!!  Hugs!

I'm am 42 with a 9 month old daughter.  I joined this site to look up info. For my oldest daughter (age 21 and married) who has been TTC for over a year.  Anyway, I saw this post and wanted to say that the doc I had for my 9 mo said he had a patient who was pregnant with her first baby at 46.  He was also very supportive of my age and said he had many patients in their 40s who had healthy babies.  Best wishes!

Wonderful.!!! TFS!  I'm 42 and just got bfp yesterday!!!  I have a 22,17& 10yr. I will be a month shy of 43 when I deliver.  My fiancee and I have been TTC officially since Oct.(living in different states) Prior to we hadnt been preventing for the yr and a half(in which a yr we lived together) but we noticed me lactating periodically during this time ,which turned out to be a pituitary microadenoma. I started cabergoline last Sept (when he moved out if state for work) and after a few missed opportunities we finally are pregnant.  Again congrats on your bfp I can't wait to hold my boj and I know you can't as well!!

I am 43 ttc and in tww. First bfp ended in mc wk6 at 41. Praying for your healthy pregnancy and baby.

Congratulations! Your story gives hope to all women who really wants to have a child at that age range.  buy youtube views  We are hoping that everything will be ok on your pregnancy ;)  buy facebook likes

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