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Pregnant w/ Period & Miscarriage

I was here in May. I just knew I was pregnant and announced on mothers day. On Father's day I lost our baby and was devestated. It took me a long time to get over it and I was trying to heal emotionally. I pushed people away and was very sad and withdrawn but fiance wanted to keep trying. He did not want to give up at all. He was right to give it another chance. I was told to wait for two normal cycles and technically we did. But we started BD when I was over the 6 weeks right away. I had one period then another.. .or so I thought. After that second period I even got a positive OPK. But I was actually already pregnant, but I had vowed to myself that I would never take another pregnancy test since I already know what it feels like as long as I dont get a period I know I'm pregnant. But I had actually gotten a period and was pregnant already. I had stressed myself out over a 2 week wait and weather I should try again. Praying for my baby, letting him know that I am ready again.. and he is already here. Why I had a period or bleeding can not be explained unless there was a twin but there is a baby in there now and he is big, strong ,and growing. I figured out I was already pregnant because I kept feeling some moving which was weird only at 11dpo. I didn't get that period so going by last period of august 22. When I went to the doc for the 8 week visit, which I went to at 10 my baby was too big and that I had estimated the wrong date. I was 14 and a half weeks and out of first trimester. I had also become nauseous at 11dpo and my fiance had told me he had been sleeping a lot like the prior pregnancy.. honestly I thought maybe alil looney, or it was the upcoming pregnancy kicking in on him first. But in hindsight, his "symptoms" kicked in before mine. I remember praying and asking for a happy healthy easy pregnancy for us and it has been! I am going to see if it is a boy or girl at my next appt in 2 weeks. I did not really care, I just want a healthy baby. But I did not want to torture the fiance so I said we can find out and make it easier on decorating lol. Keep hope to everyone out there. After miscarriages or other procedures.. always keep hope! And don't let this get you down. Having a baby is the happiest thing next to getting married to the person you will create children with. Enjoy the process, love your body and yourself!! *baby dust*


This story made me cry. So happy for you & your husband. Best of luck. Wishing you a continued happy & healthy pregnancy.

Wish I were finding out not only am I pregnant, but done with the 1st trimester. Lol Congrats & HH9 :)

Hi first off congratulations!! I'm so happy for you! I was wondering since you had the 2nd af was it normal? Did u have any symptoms? Hope u have a happy and healthy 9 months!!

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