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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Preseed, Smep BFP at 9DO

So, I got my bfp and like many ladies on here, I wanted to share my info for anyone who needs some light reading material while we obsess over that 2nd line! I am 37, my husband is 38 and we have a wonderful 18 month old. I went off bc in October, but we didn't "try" until this month. We followed the SMEP, but not to the letter b/c I have a 30 day cycle and it was getting harder to comply! We used preseed each time and I elevated slightly after each time we bd to stack the deck. Symptom wise, I had very little CM except for my fertile period. I used opks, but always have a 2nd line with those so it makes it a little harder to interpret. We bd'd on cd9, cd10, cd12, cd14, cd16, cd17, & cd18 and I est that I likely O'd on cd18. My symptoms and tests are as follows: 1dpo nothing 2dpo thick white cm but not abundant 3 dpo extreme gas 4 -5 dpo nothing to speak of, no cm 6 dpo twinges in abdomen but not one side or the other, extremely exhausted, purple veins on bbs, chest, and onto the front of my shoulders, twinges in abdomen, no cm 7 dpo gas, emotional - felt like crying, very very tired, twinges in abdomen, no cm 8 dpo bbs felt heavy and felt like outgrowing bra, felt like i might cry for something silly, decreased appetite, a little bloated, heartburn, yellow cm but very little 9 dpo bbs heavy, heartburn, emotional again w/brief but instant tears for no apparent reason. took a dollar tree hpt and bfp with pm urine. used the same urine for an easy@home test from amazon - bfn. immediately nauseous and gagging over and over again. 10 dpo woke throughout the night with nausea and tested with fmu (extremely concentrated) with frer got a faint bfp, tested again with easy@home and a darker positive well within time frame. Still keep pulling out the tests to look at them, not sure what to do next! Good luck to all:)


Congrats!! I am hoping to get a BFP soon.. This is my 2nd cycle TTC. I unknowingly followed this plan - mainly OPKs for about 10 days and lots of BD prior to and a few days after +OPK. I added Preseed this time also. Tested this morning, 8DPO, with a negative. Plan to pick up some Dollar Store tests this evening and test every day or two until AF is expected. Having a few symptoms with this cycle that seem different from past couple of cycles - very tired and emotional. No sore bbs yet, which I had last two cycles at this time. Wish me luck!

Nice!! We followed the SPEP this month so I am really really hoping for a BFP. Congrats on yours- so happy for you! Wishing you 9 months of bliss! -j

Heidi and jane.k -I wish you both the best of luck!! I'll be thinking about you and would love to get an update!! I haven't tried SMEP without pre-seed or vice versa, but I got pregnant with my 18 month old the first month tcc with that combination so I am a big fan of both!!

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