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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Rainbow baby!!!

What a happy surprise! We lost a baby at 11weeks, this Summer, and had a subsequent D&C. It was 3 months ago and this is my 2nd full cycle afterward. We used OPK's and made love every other night for a week during the fertile window.
A few symptoms, in case it helps anyone :)
- heavy ovulation cramping on both sides
-low back ache starting around 6dpo
-subtle lie abdomen pulling around 10dpo
-I also took one baby Asprin per day during this month as a recommendation from my Doc.

Miracles happen ya'll! Have hope :)


Congratulations on your pregnancy! Good luck and thank you for sharing!!!

Hi, Congratulations. Are you continuing with the baby asprin now you have your bfp?

I thought aspirin was not good in early pregnancy. .

also Why did doc recommend it for trying to conceive? Like what does it do to help?

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I am not continuing it now that I'm pregnant. I was on it while TTC because my Doc said it would help with potential clotting issues and help the blood in the uterine lining.

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