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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Rainbow Baby, after a LONG wait :)

I am PREGNANT!! I can't get enough of that word. It still feels completely surreal and Oh, so amazing :)
My story...
My Hubs and I have a 6 year old little miracle son that we conceived naturally. We have been TTC for nearly 5 years to give him a sibling with 4 losses, 2 laparoscopies (diagnosing/removing endometriosis, adhesions and scar tissue), 2 saline uterine scans (one identifying uterine polyps) and 2 iui's (the last one in April, ending in a very early loss. I was spotting before I even got my BFP and a few days later, it was all over)
I am 7 weeks, 1 day and we saw the most beautiful little bean yesterday with a strong heartbeat! Here are the details of my cycle/symptoms for anyone it may help.
Cycle Deets,
-Gonal F injections, cycle day 4-10
-Final follicle scan showed 4 competing follicles, ranging from 17.5-20mm, trigger shot that night
-iui 36 hours after trigger, Hubby's count was 17.5 million post wash with 90% motility
-Endometrin suppositories, twice per day, beginning 2 dpiui and continuing now
-I was on COQ10, 400mg additional Folic Acid, a Prenatal, once a day baby aspirin and had pineapple core
-iui day, Major cramping all day and night
-4dpiui, super sleepy
-7dpiui, break out on my chin (rare for me) and minor cramping
-8dpiui, more sharp cramps, sleepiness intensifies
-9dpiui, intense cramps (I think implantation day) began having WILD dreams
-13dpiui, evening test (pictured) immediately turned positive

The one major thing that we did differently was try to relax & "take it easy" per my sweet Hubs and RE. My only advice, after ALL of these years, is that although it's impossible to keep your mind off of TTC, especially when going through fertility treatment, set yourself up for success. Don't tell too many people that may worry you and ask questions, don't test early (as hard as this is, it saved me! I am awful for squinting at tests at 8dpo!!), chart your symptoms so that you are aware of them, and move on! I prayed a lot and every time I got anxious and worried (often!), I just thanked God for our miracle. I know it seems simple, but I think the best we can do is keep our crazy under control. I feel for all of you long time TTC'ers. I pray you're looking at double pink lines soon :)


Congratulations! Happy and healthy 9 mos.

Thank you for your wishes...i can only dream now that it will one day happen. 

Congratulations to you. You have suffered so much so it is fantastic to see this result. You have been truly blessed.Enjoy your pregnancy :)

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