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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


I promised myself I would post this time, as with my first pregnancy (2 yr old DD via c-section) I was too excited to sit down and pull my thoughts together to post :)
Me and DH are both 29, my average cycle length is 32 +/- days. The first day of my last cycle was Nov 27th and I just got a BFP today, Jan 9th. I know what you're thinking... "how the heck? that's a long time"... I know...... Praying for a healthy pregnancy! I've heard scary things about late ovulation or implantation etc.

We BD CD 9 thru CD 18 and I had predicted ovulation at CD 17 (based on timing, hadn't tried OPK's yet).
CD 21 I was surprised when I found spotting which was a bright sometimes orange looking color, VERY watery.... NOT normal for me. I was shocked and had so many thoughts, ovulation bleeding or implantation bleeding?
CD 22 Very brown and dry, then was gone.
--- I've had pressure on and off throughout, minor minor crampy.
CD 29 BFN (First Response 6 Days Early)
CD 32 BFN, sad AF is probably around the corner
CD 33 Some pinches and pulls
CD 37 BFN... but realizing late period is for certain now, called OBGYN - they pretty much said pregnancy is highly unlikely if I'm still getting negatives and that I probably am just skipping a period due to stress or diet. grrrrr
CD 40 BFN... feeling crazy, this is just not normal for me... (I had BFP with DD only a few days after ovulation)
-going into January with no BFP or AF since end of Nov!
CD 43 BFP with FMU at 6am!!!!!!!! (clear blue digital) I was speechless. It was very unexpected to be a positive so late in the game. In complete shock and slightly concerned about why it wasn't detected until so late. I'm assuming late ovulation and late implantation but what are the odds, seriously, to be at the farthest on the timeline and lowest on HCG charts to not be detected until now. Thankful I'm not crazy though and I knew my body well enough to know it wasn't normal to "skip" a period like the dr's office said it might be. I normally spot a few days before full on AF, and just didn't have any of that so I didn't know what the heck was going on.

Other things this cycle:
-Cervix was all over the board... some days was so unbelievably high (almost gone) and other days was medium to high position. It also kind of turned and was sideways. Difficult to explain but never noticed anything like it before. Noticed very tight insides.
-Also had some gum bleeding when brushing teeth, headaches on and off
-And the strangest of all.... a few days after ovulation bleeding and also recently I felt like there was a heat pad on my insides. Insides just felt HOT and FIREY, not crampy, just hot- enough to make me feel my skin to see if it was also hot on the outside.
All of these things and I still got BFN's until today - just thought I was reading too far into it all.

I don't think it's normal AT ALL to get such a late BFP. But I guess it's true to follow the, "its not over til the AF shows up" rule.
Again, prayingggggg for a healthy, viable pregnancy. Dr appt scheduled in 2 days.



Congrats on your bfp!!! And thanks for the post! I am on 12dpo and have a bfn. I also have cycles that are 31-32 days longs. I am holding on to hope for a bfp.

I have a really long cycle too, so I'm so thankful to read your story! I'm wishing you the best and a healthy, happy pregnancy and baby!

Oh I hope you have a healthy and wonderful pregnancy! Please just be aware of the chance for an ectopic pregnancy. I had a very late BFP and it ended up being ectopic. I do not mean to scare you at all and pray that everything is fine. Just note that it is a possibility and be aware of any one-sided cramping or pain that you might have. Wishing you the best!

Good luck on your new pregnancy! I currently found out that I have ovulated late this cycle. I'm 13dpo and 4 days late for period. Had a faint positive or evap a couple days ago and a bfn this morning. I'm praying that I get my bfp soon too and that my period don't show especially since I had late ovulation. Keep us posted!

Thanks for your story! So ironic because I am 6 days late and my doc told me the exact same thing! I've never missed a period! Anyway congratulations! I'm still holding out hope!

In case anyone is still following this, I had my appt today. Dr did exam. Said my urine test came up positive right away and uterus is slightly enlarged, her guess about 5-6 weeks. Scheduled blood work today and Monday, and u/s Monday to determine how far along and due date. Her and I both are still mind boggled at late BFP and when I might hv conceived! Who knows what's going on! Hopefully know more after sink Monday :)

That was supposed to say SONO not sink. Ha

Hey - just wanted to say congratulations! I didn't get my BFP until 20 days past ovulation, which was nearly 42 days into my cycle. It was the only time I've ever been pregnant and my doctors told me that some women just metabolize HCG differently than others. Keep us posted on the results of your ultrasound and bloodwork!!!

Congratulations! Keep us posted on here, I want to know if your little bean sticks! *Sticky baby dust*

Ok so I will update anyone that may be following my Late BFP post :)
I had blood work 2 days after the BFP, HCG levels came back at 481... I had blood work again 3 days later (so 5 days since the BFP) and levels have come back at 1800+. So the little baby bean seems to be "doubling" levels as it should be!
The sono showed nothing, but they're thinking I may only be 4+ weeks along based on HCG levels etc. Dr thinks I conceived around Dec 26th which was TWO WEEKS AFTER I thought I would have ovulated. She thinks the midcycle one-day bleeding could've been like a mini period. She did a pelvic exam and said that all seemed fine as well, that my uterus seemed a bit enlarged estimated at about 5+ weeks. It is all just so strange and amazing, as my cycle has never had these inconsistencies. Have another sono in 4 weeks because we still do not have a Due Date.
BUT all seems to be doing just fine so far :) :) Good Luck to everyone trying, the whole pregnancy process is so stressful, but I look at my 2 yr old daughter and remember why it's all worth it :)

You give me a little hope. I'm now on cycle day 45 with still bfn and no AF. I had my blood test done a week and a half ago but the morning of my test I had some spotting could've been late ov and implanation bleeding then, I have had slight nausea and lots of creamy cm. back to the doctors next week to work out why AF is still not here and hopefully get an ultrasound... Fingers x'd. Congratulations to you :)

I'm holding out hope that I am in the same boat as you! Last period dec 22 no AF but 5 BFNs. I'm so confused. Sore, heavy boobs, tired, tossing and turning at night, I had horrendous heart burn yesterday which I have never had even when pregnant with DS. So confused!!!!

Good luck with everything!!!

congrats to you!!! I believe I was on day 46 when I finally got my first bfp. dr said same things, that I didn't ovulate or was just stressed. I now have a very happy healthy 2yr old! just goes to show that miracles do happen! keep the faith :)
praying for #2 now... on cycle day 37, hoping for another blessing!!!

Congrats to you. That gives me hope that I could be in your shoes soon. Had a negative HCG today at Dr's office. But still no AF since Dec25th which is not normal for me. Thanks for sharing your story and giving others hope:)

Wow congratulations! I'm on cd44 and have had a bfn every single day except on cd19 my one and only faint BFP. I'm still waiting for AF and still testing everyday. I hope I find out soon!!

An update- One baby with a heart beat. 8 weeks today says sono. So bizarre since no period since November! I have no explanation. All I know is God is good and His plans are mighty. :)

Congrats! I hope you continue to have a wonderful is heartening to see someone else with long cycles get a late BFP and a healthy little bean. (I'm 17DPO with only BFN, but no AF yet) Good Luck and Congrats again!

I'm on day 36 with another BFN... I have 32 day cycles on average and had my OPK come up positive on day 16. We have been trying for three cycles now for baby #4 and I'm already getting frustrated. Just hoping for a BFP soon!!

Congratulations!! This gives me a lot of hope - TTC#2 - I'm CD32, 19DPO and just...stuck...waiting. Tested yesterday with FRER and resulted in BFN. Trying again tomorrow... Really hoping!

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Oh this post gives me so much hope .. I am on cd 36 normally on 28-30 day cycle .. Tested today BFN but absolutely no sign on AF .. Goin nuts.. Have an apmt with gynac tomorrow.. Hope to get a clear answer.

Oh btw trying for 7 months now :(

My cycle are every 39 days I'm nw 15 days late could I b pregnant took a test friday at 12 days late came out negative. The longer your periods is it the longer u wait. I need opinions please

35 day cycle, tiny bit of brown spotting after a day missed period, continued for 4 days of brown spotting. afraid to take PT, waited till CD45. Today took and wow.. BFP.. this is my second preg and after 4 years of TTC

hi i kno this is an old feed but just had to post this just happened to me too i was very regular spot on 28 days since i was 17 only times i have been even a day late i got a huge bfp rite away this is my 5th pregnancy now i just lost a dd at 18 weeks in aug 2013 .... anyways as soon as mc bleefing stopped 28 days later rite back on track ... then october .... 2 days late ... got test faint pos came up like 20 mins after test taken so disregaurded as evap..... 4 days late faint pos and negitives ... then a few days of negtives no sign of af at all.... few days later more faint pos.... made dr appt for test .... dr pee test negitive they refused to give me a blood test told me it must have been a false pos or chem pregnancy.... i stopped testing and waited for the inevitable .... af never showed ... started getting sick tired nauseus sore body n back n boobies thought hey i could b... no i cant dr said no figured i had cought a bug or something.... three days into not feeling well on cd 46 i had to pick up dd #2's prescription n saw the tests thought wth grabbed a few .88 walmart tests.... came home round 2 straight to restroom to poas... in seconds bright pink bfp that stayed around clear as day .... thought it was a fluke so i waited an hr and with new pee did another test ... same thing happened!!!! im so confused and excited and scared i got my (hopefully) rainbow baby two months and two days after looseing dd#3!!! good luck i drove myself crazy looking for thease stories durring my wait i hope i helped someone else!!!

Wow, I can relate...currently driving myself crazy wondering what's going on. NormAL cycles are anyhere from 28 to 32 days. I'm on day 38 now. Took pt 2 days ago and got faint pos. Next day...same today my period arrived. Could I be pregnant? I have been extremely tired for a couple weeks, had some constipation, and lower back pain, real hot insides in pelvic region end of lat week. No changes in breasts at all, sometimes feel like I have to pee more often. TTC for awhile now. According to my calculations, I would be in my 5th week. Would've Conceived around Oct 24 th. The bfps really have me confused. One was first response and the 2nd test was ept. Could I be? I have a 10 and 8 year old, then 2 miscarriages, now in my lower 30s, so It's been a while

Ttc for almost a yr...hard to explain but never been late except for when i was on bc. Anyways first day of lmp was october 11... cycle lengths are 28-30... no af yet. Had several hpt and blood tests with all bfn. Dont see the dr til dec 11. My anticipation is high. Not to mention i have every symptom in the book. So confused....and worried

Hello All, I am 33yrs regular 30days cycle wt PCOS and high blood sugar. I am on metformin and started regular treadmill exercise and the sugar came to 6.7 from 9.6 I lost my last baby @31 weeks baby couldn't make it in incubator. Please I need your advice if I shd continue with the gym or wait for AF,again does metformin and exercise delay Af?? Please not that I'm overweight

I am always on time with my period, give or take a day. My cycles are about 27 days and I'm now 8 days late. I have an appt to have a blood test because all I get is BFN's using HPT's. If I am expecting, I'd be about 5 weeks now. I really hope I am. My husband & I have been trying for 9 months now.

So glad to find this thread! I am 40 years old and thinking I have to either be pregnant or menopausal. I have a long history of infertility and endometriosis, but I did conceive my son naturally 16 years ago. My cycles this year have been anywhere from 18 to 28 days. I am now on CD 39. I have never gone this long without a period except when I was pregnant. Beginning around cd 23 (one week after bd - we never use birth control) I started feeling crampy and emotional like period about to start. That lasted off and on a few days but no AF, very unusual. On CD 31 POAS not with FMU and BFN. Lots of CM on days 35-37 and two times on different days I noticed some very very slightly pink-tinged cm. Still no AF. ON CD 36 BFN not FMU and CD 38 with FMU still a BFN. I'm on CD 39 right now and going crazy! Felt a little nauseous last night, this morning coffee tasted funny, I have a headache and have had a headache earlier in week. I also feel flushed in the face. Breasts have not been tender until today, but could be my imagination. Plan on testing again tomorrow and calling Dr. Monday if still no AF. Don't really feel like AF is coming anytime soon. Anyone have any updates? Would love to here really late BFP success stories!


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