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Runny Nose?? It Might Not be Your Allergies 8DPO BFP!!!

I promised I would share my BFP story for those of you who stalk this site like I did reading inspirational stories and keeping hope alive. This is long but full of very helpful info if you are TTC!!! This is my 3rd cycle TTC. I removed my Mirena IUD in December and suffered no period for 2 months with crazy pregnancy symptoms for the whole 2 months. I did a 2 week detox and started Fertiliade to regulate my cycle (got AF 2 weeks after starting pills). This month I pulled out all the stops. I used BBT charting, Ovulation strips (I bought them in bulk on ebay 50 for about $8), grapefruit juice and Mucinex (during ovulation), preseed, and Softcups (I rolled the edge down one to make the plastics tighter and added preseed to it before I put it in. I rolled it down to create less space, it puts the fluids up on the cervix and keeps it right up against it and I left it in for 12 hours), Prenatal vitamins, and my hubby and I were both taking fetiliaid (GNC sells it) I know it may be TMI, but I wish someone would have said this when I was trying to figure it all out. He has poor motility, morphology, and low count! The doctor told him it would be near impossible to conceive but we proved them wrong! We BD 2 days before OV and the day of OV and the day after since I still had EWCM. My BBT Charts are normally the same and around 8-9 DPO my temp starts to drop slowly until AF comes. This BBT chart was all over the place. I had a major temp drop to the cover line at 4DPO (fall back temp?) and a slow rise and then another drop at 7DPO with a decent recovery the next day (implantation dip?). All temps are lower this month than previous months but after last drop in temp it’s been a steady slow rise. Baby Dust to all! I'm living proof that if you stay positive and trust it will happen that against all odds it will. Here are my symptoms.
OV- Lots and lots of EWCM, OPK test still dark positive in am but I know I OV because of my temp spike. I was also still taking antibiotics for an UTI (sorry TMI) 97.6 (97.3 the day before OV)
1 DPO- Nothing to note.
2 DPO- Nothing 97.8
3 DPO- Stuffy/runny nose (TMI warning: clear runny drainage), sneezing, off feeling in stomach like something wasn’t sitting right. Dizzy spells, hazy feeling. Thought it was my allergies, but allergy meds didn’t really help. Soft poops (sorry, TMI), very tired/lazy feeling most of the day, needed a major nap in PM and went to bed early-very tired. 98.2
4 DPO- Fall back temp? 97.7 (too early to be implantation dip) breast tender (but I ignore this because I get cramping, tender breast, and nausea every cycle but AF still came). Tired/lazy again. Dizzy, very runny nose all day (driving me nuts because it won’t stop), headache, very hungry.
5 DPO- Off feeling in stomach (kinda like I over ate and I have indigestion), runny poop (TMI), tired again nap at lunch, same runny stuffy nose with sneezing. 98.3 temp back up.
6 DPO- Light cramping, dizziness, light headache (not quite like a full on headache but like one was coming), watery mouth (nasty taste in mouth) off stomach feeling off and on. 98.2
7 DPO- Temp drops again 98.0 (feeling sad because this normally happens and it doesn’t rise again so I know AF is coming), runny nose, dizzy, sneezing, light headache. Normal energy today. No cramping (this is odd) Bad mood last night, ripped hubby a new one over the dog (poor guy) sleepy early at 8pm, cant sleep through the night up by 3 am with major heartburn and reflux. Neg opk test. (im a POAS-aholic!!)
8 DPO- Temp back up!! (98.4) I just know at this point something is up. I fought the feeling all month because I didn’t want to get my hopes up but I just knew it. Runny nose, sneezing, headache, cramping but not ovary cramping on the right or left side like before, it was lower and in the middle of uterus like period cramps. First real bout of nausea, decrease in appetite with bursts of hunger in between. To bed early and sleepless night again. Took FRER Pregnancy test even though OPK test was negative (OPK test will turn positive in the presence of HCG also, they were much cheaper than pregnancy tests but never a substitute) VERY VERY VERY light line, so light hubby thought I was seeing a shadow line…lol. I knew it was a BFP!!!! It was ever so lightly pink and was within the 10 min window before it is considered an evap line. By morning the line had gotten darker. If yesterday’s dip in temp was in fact an implantation dip then the line should be as light as it was because my body had just started producing HCG when implantation happened. No spotting this month at all. I normally spot every month about 5 days before my period. Major burning sensation in stomach. Finally I felt that “tugging” sensation behind belly button that everyone keeps talking about. Feels like a lil string attached to the back of your belly button and like something is pulling on it.
9 DPO- same symptoms. Another BFP in am and in PM!!! Each time the line is slightly darker, hubby can see the line without major lighting and magnifying glass…lol still really light though. Shows up on FRER (every test, 3 so far) but not other tests. BFN on CBE plus test. OPK now positive. (opk test more sensitive than CBE, FRER show positive before OPK test) 98.3 Runny nose is driving me insane!!
10DPO- BFP on CBE (very light + with evening urine) BFP on FRER, this time line is pink and clear although still not as dark as control line (see pic) 98.4 same symptoms as before with nausea off and on in short bursts. Very hungry very thirsty, not peeing a lot.
11DPO- At this point you get the picture. BFP!!! Hubby is in disbelief!!! Never give up hope. Against all odds we did it! My symptoms were different this month from previous months. (BBT chart all over the place, only had cold/allergy symptoms mostly, no spotting, not a lot of cramping) Praise, God/Allah/the Universe, or whatever you choose to believe in. Baby Dust to you all)


That was an awsome story!! So the fertilaid helped big time for hubby

Yes, it helped us both! I was having problems with my cycle too after 7 years with mirena iud. It regulated me n helped his quality.

Congrats!!!! Enjoy the moment! What was ur Hubby's sa count at the time?

< 2 million

Thanks for posting gives us hope that you can get pregnant on ur own with a low sperm count ours is under 2million as well. Have a blessed pregnancy, enjoy every waking moment.

congrats to you

Aaawww, thanks guys. Stay positive and believe it will happen! We beat the odds because we didnt let the doctors get us down! Go hard! Baby dust to you all!

I love ur story, ive just posted my do u think im pregnant story waiting on it being published. and said on it i hardly had any symptoms BUT after reading ur's ive just realised i have had a runny nose for 2 weeks! Just lots of clear runny snot (sorry for tmi) and a bit of a scratchy thoat. None of my normal Pms. Im 17 dpo and all tests are negitive - im never late either. Driving me mad but ur story made me feel happy. Congrats to u and ur partner. H&H 9 months xx

Hi there, sounds like its a good possibility that you are!! Id say yes. How late are you? Did you use a FRER test? Please let me know how it goes for you. Baby dust!!

Hi there, sounds like its a good possibility that you are!! Id say yes. How late are you? Did you use a FRER test? Please let me know how it goes for you. Baby dust!!

Congrats! I have a question for you: When did you feel that belly button tugging? I've been TTC for 16 cycles and i definitely read too far into every symptom month after month. This is the first month that I had that tugging feeling and it was short lived. And it happened at only 2dpo. That's too soon to feel anything isn't it?

I have to ask about the softcup. How do you "roll" the plastic and keep it together after rolling it? Forgive me, I didn't quite understand your directions when you explained it and I guess I can't quite picture it. Can you be more precise and/or perhaps post a picture of the finished product? Also, the preseed. It dries fast so how did it keep in the softcup prior to insertion?

I felt the belly button tugging at the end of the TWW after I had confirmed my BFP!

For the soft cups. You basically are flipping the rim down to make the plastic tighter on the cup. You do that by rolling the edge until it flips. I cant remember if I did it once or twice but I know that the plastic was tight; almost like a drum with the little dip in the middle. I basically left no room for air. This keeps the lil guys right up against your cervix were they need to stay. Hope this helps!

Hi great story and congratulations. I am 2 months post marina IUD removal adn have had an awful couple of months. Waithing to see if i get a BFP next week fingers crossed xx

10nks 4 dat anyway.nd congrats 2 u.i've dis runny nose 4 d past 3days now, low belly cramping,my cycle is due tomorrow.could i be preggo already?

Wonderful story! Very inspiring.. Did u get any cervical discharge at all during ur tww?

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