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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Sac. No baby.

Dr says it looks like a healthy pregnancy. No tumour/mole pregnancy or whatever. But there's just a sac ATM and nothing else. Could be too early. WHICH I figured it was. I wasn't counting my September 4 days short period. Even tho they want u to. Because I had been testing all October getting no positives until Oct 25, the extreme faint almost evaporation line. But no test before it had the line so I held on to it. Tested Oct 30th got a visible but light Line. Continued testing everyday/other day for a week or so after. No period. Made the appt. So, possibly got my positive literally the week after conception, early into the week, so possibly conceived Oct 20ish-25th? Maybe only 2wks into pregnancy? And if so, maybe not gestational"" yet. Gestational means the baby is actually there right?! So yeah. So I go back in two weeks What I don't get is, YES tests can be positive with the minimal hcg to the whatever max, 5000miu or whatever? But wouldn't (being $1 tests as well) the tests be fainter or and less positive if I was having a normal pregnancy at that early on? Is there anyone who's had this EMPTY SAC early positives & had twins therefore hcg is higher sooner??
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My last pregnancy was a empty sac with no baby. It turned out to be a blighted ovum.

What was your blood hcg level? Usually that helps determine where you are in your pregnancy.

If you’re less than 5 weeks then you’re not likely to see anything, here in Britain we don’t have ultrasounds until at least 12 weeks unless there’s been complications such as pain or bleeding for the fact that too early on is hit and miss and can cause worry so they wait until they can definitely see something , so chances are there is a baby there but it’s too small for an ultrasound to see. Did they give you a transvaginal ultrasound? Or just a normal abdominal one? As a transvaginal would see right into your uterus and see more. Try not to worry baby was probably just too small to see just yet

Exactly what they were saying. I think they did the Us for mostly that I've had miscarriage, still birth and because my family Dr had already had blood work drawn, we definitely thought I would be farther along, based solely on my last menstrual period of September 23-26... However obviously that was incorrect. I knew I couldn't be that far along since I wasn't getting positives until officially Oct 30th. But a faint "evap" line late in the evening after waiting all day, Oct 25. Now I have another us appt tm. No bleeding. Still feel EVERYTHING. Heightened sense of smell just like w my son 7 yrs ago, hhuungry, emotional exhausted like with my daughter. My husband appears to be experiencing empathy's AGAIN as he did with my daughter. Literally just moments ago. Nov 273:15pm-ish. Lol Cravings like with my son. Just ate a bunch and feel empty but I think it's lack of nutrition in my consumption. Transvaginal. Can't wait for tomorrow. If things are good which I kind of fear I was just barely the week after co ception when I tested... So maybe I'm only now at 5 weeks or so if that. But maybe not. Since my appt before was already what 2 weeks after my official positive Oct 30? My appt was Nov 14? Thank you! I do feel like it's positive and I haven't worried. I know what is will be. And I usually sense when things are going any direction. Being in such disbelief often clouds that, however for me. :( Excited!

My belly's been itching I swear I see new stretch marks as they appear. !! And I've had some slight cramping pain off and on different days and my sister said she did the same with her daughter. My sister has endometriosis. Idk if I've been developing it since my miscarriage hut I know that since that and since defi itely my still birth son Evan, I've had horrible painful period cycles that only evening Primrose Oil supplements ease. < So I wondered if maybe that and the "tilted uterus" we're to blame as well for the cramping pain etc No bleeding tho. So that's good. And symptoms getting stronger not less. Lol

Fetus or whatever but not yet a heart beat so unless it shows up by Dec 13 for next appt and some blood flow they're calling it early mc.

I'm sorry :( I hope you get good news. I went though this same thing last year. Best of luck. BD!

I haven't been having cramps lately.. makes me wonder if the cramp pain I was having was so part of implantation or something. Feels like forever even though it hasn't been.. I can not wait until the 13th!! I still feel like everything is fine. But I'm staying distracted a bit with my present angels and my new job so that's helping in distraction and appreciation of what I have etc. So, if this is another failure, trial&error it happens. I hope to update you all later with official news from the ultra sound Dec 13. Oh, they didn't see a point in doing a Quantitive! Because the ultra sounds are the best tale tell apparently. She said she WOULD if I wanted but I really varies so much it was irrelevant I guess by the time they had already done an usound.

Appt yesterday. Still no progress. No heart beat or growth I guess. Planning a d & c. I'm still skiddish.. not wanting to go thru with it until I KNOW... But they mentioned me getting an infection which I felt the effects of with my still birth or thought I was getting anyway, while waiting to deliver him still birth. Since my first BFP wasnt until Oct 30 I believe whole heartedly that's when I conceived slash, the egg & sperm became embryso in the wall.. there's that whole 2 wk time frame.. idk if they include that when they say how many "weeks" pregnant.. to me there's gestation with the actual implanted egg to becoming baby, and there's that 2 week time BEFORE egg and sperm combine and embed in the uterine wall, is how I understand it.

Dont worry dear, you will get good news soon.

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