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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Seems unreal!

To give a little bit of a back story, I have been in and out of the hospital since last May with severe pelvic pain and symptoms that had me thinking every month I was pregnant. I was diagnosed with PFD (Pelvic Floor Dysfunction) which is pretty much charlie horse spasms in my pelvis and was also diagnosed with possible endometriosis back in October. I wasn't trying to get pregnant, but we certainly weren't using any measures of precaution. We had intercourse multiple times a day through 01/26- 01/31 and I ovulated 02/02. (We are doing long distance for now could piece the rest together). My first sign was I didn't get sore breasts immediately following ovulation. I began tracking from there. Feb 2nd- Ovulation along with mini cramps 2dpo- Weird cramps in the morning...around 11ish? Had one cramp that felt like it was to the right of my belly button. Only lasted a few seconds. Cramped that night like period was starting just not as intense. Post O cramps? Although never had it before. Could be a new AF punishment 3 dpo- sides of boobs are barely sore. usually have intense nipple and boob pain. White tacky cm. felt a glob around 2 pm. Can't remember if normal. Cervix high and soft..maybe closed? (I don't really know the difference). Exhausted but I only slept 5 hours last night. Feeling warm but normally do when tired. More lotion like cm intead of tacky around 8 pm. was on toilet paper. checked with mirror and it was a lot. twinges in uterus? beneath belly button where top of pants lay ( 9:50 pm) 4dpo- tiny cramps throughout the day. breasts still not as bad as usual. sides kind of hurt only when pressure applied. lotion like cm. Went to walmart and felt sweaty and hot. maybe too many people. home feels like heater is on. asked everyone if hot and they feel fine. 9:30 pm- cramps like a light version of a period. went to the bathroom and I think there's a spot of blood on panties (wearing red so I just see a mark. pretty sure it's blood though) never happened before. Pretty sleepy but don't want to go to bed. Maybe not enough last night? had 10 hours though. vivid dreams that woke me once. watery cm closer to midnight 5dpo- 2:15 am twinges in uterus, more watery cm than the lotion. 2:30 am- cramping a little worse but still nothing terrible. exhausted and should sleep but so hungry. side note- also, last few days I'm almost always thirsty. been drinking multiple glasses a night which is unlike me. probably why there's an increase in urination. 12:00 pm- woke up from vivid dream last night of niece i can't see (personal situation). sides of boobs are sensitive..still not bad. could be making them worse by the constant poking :P. clear watery cm all day. took a nap at 5:15 pm although slept for 10 hours . Got up at 12 woke up sweating. ugh. house is on 74 heat though 6dpo- 3:30am not much cm. breasts increasing in soreness, not too much though. vivid dreams. 10 am-increase in breasts soreness. no cm. assuming everything is normal and I'll start on time 7 dpo/ 8 dpo- same as 6 dpo. not much change 9dpo- sore breasts but not nipples. egg white watery discharge. mini cramps last few days. also under wedding stress 10 dpo-11 dpo- not much. vivid dreams 12 dpo- thick white cm. felt wet. breasts had shooting pain 13 dpo- I started my new job at a preschool. trained at another location for 2 days prior. It's flu season and many kids and teachers were out. on the way my breasts felt tingly and odd i had to hold the seatbelt away. about 11 am at my job I started feeling sick. I got light headed and my muscles began aching. I was for sure that I caught the flu. I went home and went to the doctor's with a 100.4 fever and feeling bad all around. sore throat; the whole 9 yards. my flu test came back negative and he said my throat didn't have puss pockets but assumed we caught it early enough. He prescribed me the antibiotics and I went home. Been sleeping nonstop, sweaty, and can only eat saltine crackers. Im nauseated but have yet to throw up. When I went to the bathroom I had lotion cm with a tinge of pink. I think there is when I kind of knew. I went to the dollar store and bought a test. Came back home and got up at 2 am to take it. Almost an immediate BFP! I couldn't believe it. I still can't! I keep thinking I'm about to start any minute. I'm cramping but it feels like ovulation cramps. I have to call the doctor at 9 am to make sure everything is going smoothly Extra info; Like I stated earlier there were months where I had more "symptoms" and AF never failed to show on time. I was having dreams of a positive test quite often but I am a dreamer and have had those before, this just felt different. I thought because my nipples weren't sore that I couldn't be pregnant. I was wrong but man do my boobs hurt now! Past months I also had nipple pain. I'm very nauseated but I cannot eat. I haven't thrown up yet. Another thing that stuck out was last monday I made eggs before work and they had a funky taste to the point i felt like gagging. I ended up throwing them out. I also was tasting metal with my nutrition drink. Other than that nothing was out of the ordinary to me besides the delay of breast tenderness, cramps, and feeling warm all the time. I hope for a healthy baby and pregnancy! <3 May all of you get your sticky beans! I hope this helps!
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Congrats!!! Wishing you a happy, healthy nine months. 

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