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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

SO excited!!!!

After five long years of secondary infertility, and an early miscarriage this past Labor Day (ironic, huh?), I took a test yesterday and it was immediately positive! I've been taking 100mg of Clomid on CD 3-7 and this was our third round. I Called the Dr but I can't get in for bloodwork and an ultrasound til Monday afternoon. This waiting is driving me nuts! The positive line is stronger than the test line, lol! I know I'm at least five weeks but I could be as many as nine or ten as my period was strange last month. This pregnancy feels so different from the one that ended in mc. With the first one, I had a constant churning feeling in my uterus the whole time, almost like it was just unsettled. This time however, it feels like a solid weight in there. Please cross your fingers that my body can hang on to this one!!! Thank you Jesus for hearing my cries and answering this long awaited prayer!


May i ask what your last months period was like ? Last week mine was different with only one day of heavy bleeding the other 4 days just spotting. I am havin pg symptoms right now i am so nauaeated i could just die!! Took a test two days ago n seems to b neg.

Congratulations!!! I'm dealing with secondary infertility also, so your BFP gives me hope... I wish you all the best!!

My last period was just really light. At my appt Monday I was told that it is an ectopic pregnancy, in my left tube. Thankfully, I was only 5+2 so being that early I should come through okay. I haven't cried this hard in a long time! I mean, getting a pregnancy confirmation and the news that you need a shot so your body can abort it all in the same day sure takes its toll! I got the two methotrexate shots that afternoon and have really only had minimal cramping, the exception being whenever I get up from sitting. I can't really bend over or lift even the simplest items without some discomfort. The hardest part so far of experiencing this is the fact that my mother feels I am "killing myself" with all these unnatural ways to get pregnant. She feels I am forcing nature to work in my favor and that if I don't stop, she's worried one day she'll have to tell my daughter that she doesn't have a mother anymore because I'm not just trying to have a baby; I'm killing myself. Not my fault my body got messed up by the Mirena IUD. Let me tell you, this experience certainly made Christmas a difficult day to get through! I go in tomorrow for my 7 day check up and to see if the shots did their thing or if I need more. I'm 37 and worried I'm running out of time. The Dr assured me I shouldn't have any issues after this but, it is my second loss in three months :(

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