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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Still can't quite believe it..

I'm now in my seventh week of pregnancy and it still doesn't feel real! I was very lucky and got pregnant in my second month TTC (had a CP in the first month) but even trying for only two months, I found the TWW agonising! I loved reading success stories of other women on this site - it gave me hope after seeing other women experiencing some of my own early pregnancy symptoms!

So here are the symptoms I had:

5DPO - started noticing some changes in my breasts. I had a burning sensation in both breasts and nipples for several hours, and my right breast felt really hard. I had some twinges in what felt like my left ovary followed by some slight cramping and a little nausea. Felt really emotional, too (cried because a shop had run out of donuts!)
6DPO - tender breasts overnight, slight nausea and cramping, and at one stage had a lower back spasm that felt like I was being stabbed!
7DPO - breasts still tender, but only really when pressed. Minor cramping, substantial lower back pain. Some noticeably different watery CM. I checked my own cervix, thanks to some instructions on Google, and I couldn't reach it, which is apparently a symptom of early pregnancy.
8DPO - breasts very tender - I can no longer walk quickly up and down stairs!
9DPO - breasts still tender - I'm having the odd stabbing pain and they feel fuller and heavier. Did a fluro yellow wee before bed despite drinking heaps of water.
10DPO - my breasts completely stopped hurting for a few hours, and I panicked as this was the first sign when I had my CP the previous month. Luckily, they started hurting again later. I also had a sore back, and a brand new symptom - really greasy hair! It was so greasy two coats of dry shampoo wouldn't fix it, and I was embarrassed enough to have a shower and wash my hair at work!
11DPO - brand new symptom: insomnia. I woke up at 5am and was completely awake, which is very unusual for me. My breasts are still tender. I've also had a few cold shivers over the last few days, but that could be because my office is cold.
12DPO - woke up early again. I got some intense nausea on my way to work - I had to stop because I thought I was going to vomit, and it was different to any nausea I'd ever felt. Breasts not as sore but I had a few cramps. Another symptom which has been popping up is that a few times when trying to talk, I haven't been able to think of words! This is unusual for me - I used to be a writer.
13DPO - more insomnia - woke up at 5am again, so I thought I might as well do a test... BFP!

Since my BFP, my breasts have continued to ache and I've had a very sore lower back. I've had a little nausea and have felt more hungry (the best way to describe it is a hungover feeling). I've also been exhausted and faint. I got serious cramps for a couple of weeks there - it constantly felt like I was about to get my period, which was disconcerting but luckily never eventuated. And I definitely need to pee a little more regularly. I don't think I'll truly believe I'm pregnant until this little peanut grows big enough to start kicking me!

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