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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Success on Clomid

I knew that when I finally got my BFP, I just had to share my story. My journey hasn't been as long as it is for some, but it was much longer than I naively thought it would be. I figured my husband and I would have success in the first couple of months. After those first couple of months, I started tracking my bbt. I timed our bd-ing each month and felt I was doing everything right, but with no success. Tracking helped me discover that I had regular cycles but my luteal phase was a little short, and my temps didn't always rise and stay up the way all the "good" charts show. After 8 months of ttc, I visited my OB and was put on 50mg Clomid when my progesterone level came in at 7.4. It helped my luteal phase issues and raised my progesterone to 14.7. I was ovulating before Clomid and with the 50mg, but I had never had ovulation signs or symptoms besides ewcm. I didn't realize that many women know when they ovulate, that they can feel it and whatever. My doctor had me do 3 cycles of 50mg, take one cycle break, and then tried 50mg one more time. With no success, he bumped me up to 100mg. Well the 100mg cycle was different than any other from the start. On 50mg I just had night sweats, no other side effects or signs of fertility. On the 100mg I had night sweats and was very moody for a couple of days. I work at a school, and I felt bad for my students those couple of days. My husband and I bd-ed every other night from CD9 to CD17. I also used Preseed the two times closest to ovulation. I'd normally ovulate by CD17, but this cycle I ovulated on CD18. I can pretty much always see my ovulation on my bbt chart the day after ovulation when my temp rises. I also usually take one OPK and can verify that ovulation is coming up. The difference this cycle was ovulation pain. I actually felt it this cycle for the first time ever. I nearly cried when I realized what I was feeling, because I was so happy. It was this strange kind of dull but kind of sharp pain on my left side. I had been working with some kids at the time it started, and I was like "what is this?" It took me an hour or so to realize what was going on. The next day when my temp rose, I knew I wasn't imagining things. About a week later, my temps were still up (as usual after I ovulate), and I noticed more strange feelings in my abdomen. It was on both sides and sometimes was higher and sometimes lower. I also started seeing scant Brown/pink color on tp when I wiped. I so badly wanted it to be implanation. But I was reading online that Clomid symptoms are often confused with early pregnancy symptoms. It could go either way. My one source of hope was the little bit of color I was seeing on the tp, which shouldn't be related to Clomid. It started on 8DPO, and it continued to 11DPO. I was worried it might be my period coming early, but then it stopped and I was hopeful again. At that point I started thinking about when to test. I decided I'd wait to 13DPO, but then I decided I'd test on 12DPO if my temp rose more. It hadn't when I woke up early (2:30) to use the bathroom, so I knew I should wait. By 6:30am I couldn't wait any longer. I wasn't optimistic as it wasn't the FMU, but I gave it a go. And I got my BFP for the first time ever! Two days later I had blood work that confirmed it. My hcg level was at 384 at 14DPO. I anxiously waited almost another week to get my level re-checked. In that week, I read more posts and articles about hcg levels than should be legal. I was making myself crazy with it. I was really nervous because other than an occasional pulling sensation in my abdomen, I've had no symptoms to speak of. My breasts have never ever felt tender or sore in my life, so maybe pregnancy won't change that. I haven't felt more tired than usual, no nausea, no nothing. It was freaking me out. Well today I talked to the nurse about my blood work, and she told me the doctor is really happy with the way my hcg is rising. She didn't tell me the number, but I am going to be content with that. I want to enjoy my pregnancy, especially as long as I'm feeling good physically. So that's been my journey. It would seem the low progesterone was our only problem in getting pregnant, and the Clomid worked its magic. I'm cautiously optimistic that we'll be able to welcome our first baby into our family come January. Good luck to all those ttc!


Pregnancy is one of the few times in a woman's life when weight gain is considered a good thing, but don't overdo it. During the first trimester, you should gain about 3 to 6 pounds (your doctor may recommend that you adjust your weight gain up or down if you started your pregnancy underweight or overweight). Although you're carrying an extra person, don't go by the adage of "eating for two." You only need about an extra 150 calories a day during your first trimester. Get those calories the healthy way, by adding extra fruits and vegetables, milk, whole-grain bread, and lean meat to your diet. Red Flag Symptoms. Any of these symptoms could be a sign that something is seriously wrong with your pregnancy. Don't wait for your prenatal visit to talk about it. Call your doctor right away if you experience: Severe abdominal pain. Significant bleeding. Severe dizziness. Rapid weight gain or too little weight gain

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