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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives


Well, after testing with Wondfo's for a couple of days, I feel like I have my confirmed answer after two positive FRERs.

At this point I'm just so shocked, I can hardly believe it's real. I stopped taking the pill in March, and this was our third month of actively TTC. I guess I had it in my head that since it was taking a few months, there must be something wrong; but now I know I was worrying myself to death over nothing! Just because you don't get pregnant RIGHT AWAY like some people are fortunate enough to have happen, it certainly does not mean there's a problem. Even if the sperm meets the egg at the perfect moment and there are no underlying issues, there is still only a 25% chance of conception in any given month. It WILL happen, whether it takes a month or two or several months of trying :) Don't ever lose hope.

Of course my worry about TTC has now shifted into worry about everything being okay and going smoothly. I'm trying not to be too crazy like I was while TTC, lol.


I think I started noticing changes at around 6dpo. My nipples became unusually sensitive -- almost like a burning feeling. I also had a few dizzy spells around this time, and my struggle with insomnia became worse. I didn't really attribute any of this to pregnancy, and actually thought I was out for the month since I felt perfectly fine and normal except for those few things.

At 10dpo, I got my first positive test (very faint) on Wondfo test strips.

At 11dpo, the symptoms hit me like a ton of bricks. Very bloated, bad cramps, a tight "full" feeling in my stomach, pain in my hips and lower back, constipation, very sore boobs, more trouble getting comfortable and sleeping at night, slightly stronger sense of smell, and a burning sensation in my stomach and boobs--really weird and hard to explain. I got my first positive FRER at 11dpo. Right now I feel like I have a bad hangover, haha.

Things I did differently this month: I took an Agnus Castus Vitex supplement every morning for the first half of my cycle. I also took a B-complex that included B6 twice daily and stopped at ovulation. My DH took FertilAid, and we used Pre-Seed. And since I'm a workout-aholic, I decided to try majorly scaling back and cutting out running entirely.

I honestly think the biggest key to our success this month was BD'ing more, lol. We followed SMEP for the first time and actually BD'd a little more frequently than that. In our previous tries, I think we were BD'ing too late. Starting on CD8 and keeping it consistent definitely helped! Also, I used the CB Advanced Digital OPK's, and I credit them with accurately catching my LH surge--the cheap strips showed me O' ing a full week later, which I don't think could have been right.

I can't tell you how much being part of this site has helped me. I always loved reading the BFP stories, because they gave me so much hope. I still just can't believe I'm writing one. Thank you all for your inspiring stories and words of encouragement. Baby dust to all!!!!!!!


Who would have thought so much excitement could come from 1 pink line!!! Getting my first bfp was the most incredible experience of my life (so far hopefully!)

im with you on the worry- I ll be 6 weeks tomorrow and just wishing the other 6 away.

lets try and enjoy these early days as much as we can!


So happy for u. This is my only month before IUI and after lap n dye. Planning to try. Any tips to include? Today is my CD 4. Thanks and congrats again!!

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