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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Suspicions were correct

I've been trawling this website for the last 2 weeks. Convinced I had conceived on our 2nd cycle post Mirena coil removal but worried after seeing how long it took some following removal of this coil. Mirena removal 19th Feb. Had one period on 9th March for 3 days and fairly light. No Mirena crash as expected after reading the horror stories. We decided to download Ovia immediately and entered my last 3 periods (had the coil 5 years and the last 6 months my periods had restarted). My tracking showed 26 to 28 day cycles and average 25. My story is: Cd1 to 3 light bleeding Cd8 and 9 spotting. Possibly ovulation bleed but was far too early according to the app as these were the first two fertile days according to charts. Ovia suggested I was due to ovulate on cd13 so I didn't track until then. DPO1 constipation fatigue cramps insomnia and v CRANKY DPO2 99.86 temp nausea hot flushes increased appetite diarrhea increased sex drive headache neck ache backache (major back ache which has been a constant to today) right pelvic pain and fullness fatigue bloating gas cramps dizzy spells frequent urination insomnia. Thick creamy cervical fluid. Very wet feeling down there all day. Frustrated impatient and angry 3DPO 98.6 temp. Cold flu symptoms and stuffy nose mainly. All as DPO2 but really cranky and angry then suddenly happy and confident before being cranky and angry again. Constipated 4DPO 98.78 temp. All above but also tender BBs and diarrhea. Felt stressed cranky angry then confident focused and motivated. And back to bad moods. 5DPO 98.06 temp. School glue fluid started. No change to other symptoms. Still insomnia back ache daily and pelvic pain. 6DPO brown spotting on tissue paper. 3 tiny drops and nothing since. Assumed this was implantation bleeding. Felt like someone shoved a sharp pencil into my lower back and made me wince a little. 98.96 temp. Itchy down stairs. Indigestion -which I never get! Backache so bad I made hubby rub my tailbone area for over an hour with no relief. 7DPO neg test. Of course! Was far too early but was convinced. Temp 99.14. Nausea headache (still) bloating gassy indigestion cravings +sex drive +appetite backache (like murder) moody and angry. Poor hubby got an earful for no reason. Just v short tempered. Discharge stopped so assumed I wasn't pregnant as I'm normally dry at this stage. 8DPO neg test again. Temp 98.78. School glue is back. Same symptoms as day before. 9DPO neg test again. Naturally! Still too early. School glue and temp 98.96. Return of hot flushes and dizzy spells. No other changes to daily symptoms. 10 DPO another negative test. Starting to think it's in my head now. Temp 98.6. All same symptoms but then added to them with v serious cramping like AF was going to come early and was going to be the nastiest bitch ever this month. Convinced myself was coming on early and felt wet. Kept going to check in case I came on. No bleeding though. Plenty of school glue today. Took kids to cinema and cried at the happy ending. Not normal for me at all.... 11DPO. Was due smear test at 10.30 am so thought I'd do another test to be on the safe side. Digi one that says can confirm up to 4 days early. I'm 3 days off AF yet but thought what the hell. This test wasn't with FMU however so expected another negative. Digi response said not pregnant but when I ejected strip I could see a second line. Ran out and bought 2 more tests. One Digi from clear blue and one with the lines so I could see lines instead. Both BFP. With 3rd wee of the day. And it was a forced wee too. Digi clear blue says 1 to 2 weeks which was spot on as I'm effectively 3 weeks and 2 days from first day of LMP. This was totally different for me. Last 2 kids I didn't get a result (but knew for ages) until I was 6 weeks gone as my HCG is apparently low rising. Also I didn't have my usual tell tale signs of really sore (unbareably) breasts. I also never get backache which I've had daily this time. So my symptoms are totally different to my last 2 children and finding out early is new for me. Just praying it's not twins now. Your posts on this site have kept me reading for hours so I wanted to share my symptoms here for others to read too. Good luck to all trying x


you had the same dates for cycle as me! I've had very similar symptoms as you but haven't tested yet, I'm on first round of Clomid so very nervous to test yet. Congratulations!! 

Oh how exciting. I hope you get your bfp too!! Don't be disheartened if it takes a few days still, I've never found out this early before. Baby dust to you :) x

Thank you! I feel different this month! Could be reading into it too much though! I'm only 10dpo so going to wait a while longer, it's our 9 year anniversary on the 9th so if I can I may hold off til then but know I will cave in and test earlier!! thanks for a bery informative post X 

When are you testing? I got BFN 10dpo and positive on 11. You may show today on a sensitive test. Make sure you come back to let me know!x

Did you take a test yet? Sending positive vibes x

Btw I have used 8 tests in total. Clearblue digi 1-2 weeks 3 times. Apparently finds levels of 10miu (not advertised as box says 25 but searching says otherwise) and up. 3 x BFP. Boots own BFN 3 days later. This made me paranoid and the box doesn't say what miu it looks for. Guessing 50 as this was 3 days later and showed negative. Interestingly the Clear Blue Plus was also negative 13 dpo despite the CB digi being positive 3 days earlier. Both are marketed on the box as 25miu. This made me do other (thankfully positive) tests. If you want to keep your sanity then just proceed with caution on the sensitivity levels or wait til AF is due. I've suffered with this due to the variety of levels. I also think they should be forced to confirm it on the OUTSIDE of the box so you know what you're buying! Luck to all ladies in the TWW

hi sorry for delay in replying! I took a test yesterday 12dpo but in the afternoon got another BFN going to test tomorrow morning! I've been using clear blue so maybe I need to go and get some boots ones, some people have said super drug ones are good too. I will keep you updated 

I see you said boots gave you bfn. I've been using clear blue plus so maybe tomorrow morning I will use clear blue digital! I've had so many strange symptoms but then could be the Clomid I'm on

Boots own as well as the CB Plus look for levels of HCG above 50. The CB digi with weeks indicator checks for levels of 25miu so is more sensitive. Tesco own digi was the very first one I used and it picked it up immediately. Boots and CB Plus only showed positive 4 days later for me!!! Best early one is First Response Early Response as this looks for 15-20 miu Keep me posted & XX for BFP ! xx

So this morning I have been an emotional wreck, I thought I had come on but now I'm not sure if it was implant bleed. Brown like it is when you first come on but now it's gone?! Got pains thought so thinking it will be AF :( 

I had brown spotting and abdo pains during implantation, so it could well be. Maybe you just ovulated later than expected or implantation has been longer. I honestly felt like I was about to come on and it felt like it was going to be the heaviest one ever so don't let that make you think you're out of the game this month. I would say you're more than 24 days post ovulation now, have you tried a test yet? Do one with first morning wee (or hold it for 4 hours min to get a good dark colour). I recommend peeing into a cup and looking at the colour. If it's too watery then throw it away and wait for a nice dark concentrated one to use, otherwise it might not be strong enough to detect. Dip for the time stated and don't wee onto the stick iteself as I've found doing the midstream wee onto the stick less reliable. And try to get a test that picks up lower HCG levels of 25 or less :) Best of luck & keep me posted xxxx

PS Emotional wreck here also. Still testing daily because I'm clearly mental and today I cried my eyes out on the way to work just because I felt weepy during a song I liked on the radio. That's not like me at all! x

I'm pleased to hear you felt the same Way. I feel like it is going to be the worst AF ever. Well I had bloods done last Monday 8 days ago my day 21, it came back that I had ovulated. I think I ovulated around 22nd 23rd March based on OPKs. It's exciting for you though, so being an emotional wreck is ok :) have you been to doctors. If I haven't seen AF by later I will test in the morning! Thanks for being so supportive. X 

No my doctor isn't interested until I'm gone past 6 weeks and nearest after they can see me is 28th so ages to wait! I ovulated earlier than you so stands to reason it may take a few days longer to show up but I think you might be good to try in the morning. Xx 

Just a thought but you might have had breakthrough bleeding if it's around AF time. It's quite common also. Should be quite different to AF x

I think AF is definitely on way. I'm in lots of pain and a load of brown on tissue before, so probably going to turn into AF. Gosh that's a long wait isn't it! Not good really Probably feel more real once you have seen the doctor too! 

Did it turn into AF or was this breakthrough bleeding? Do you normally start off like this or is this unusual? x

AF arrived in full force last night!! No not normally like this but it is my first round on Clomid! 

I'm sorry hun. Wasn't meant to be this month unfortunately. Hopefully now you know where you stand in cycle you've got a new cycle opportunity. Try to look on the positive side hun. I do feel for you. Terribly disappointing but you WILL get there. Positive mental attitude xxx

Thank you very much!!! 

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