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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Symptoms before bfp on 13dpo

Hi there! I'm so excited to share my BFP story and hope it will help some of you in your tww. I'm 33 yrs old and I got my first ever bfp yesterday at 13 dpo on just our second cycle of ttc. It hasn't really sunk in yet particularly for my DP as he was willing to ttc thinking it would take a bit longer I think! For the last few years my once very regular 28 day cycle has been anywhere between 25-33 days. This month we BD on CD 13, 15 and 17. I think I O'd on CD 15 based on cycle averages, so my dpo are estimated. Only real obvious symptom was sore breasts. Normally they get sore anywhere from a week up to a few days before AF but this started earlier and was far more painful. (And for me a lot of bb pain is pretty normal until AF but this was definitely even more so) Nothing more for the first week, until I had a very vivid dream around 9 dpo. Also by 9 dpo I realized that my sex drive was elevated to a noticeable degree. This normally happens around O then goes away but this month it stayed that way. 10 dpo tiredness begins, as does a feeling of muscle fatigue. Legs are muscles feel sore in particular. 11-13 dpo still tired in the afternoons but insomnia in wee hours each night. 12 dpo AF like cramping 13 dpo Instant bfp with fmu, instant bfp with evening diluted urine. All of my symptoms were mild enough to allow me to think they were pms or in my head until yesterday when obvious nausea kicked in. Glad I knew why! I did notice that my usual PMS acne did not show, but I had no obvious change in cm or sense of smell or anything. I hope this helps some of you during your tww!


Congratulations! I am 33 also and 11 dpo. Have a lot of weird symptoms, but have been convinced previous months I was pregnant, and not been. This time I have had a terrible cold since I felt implantation pains (a day of left sided dull cramps in one area). So it's hard to tell if I'm having symptoms or just sick!  Other symptons have been sore breasts, lower back pain, shooting pains in abdomen (weird). 3 more days to wait til I can test!  

1 dpo: nothing  2 dpo: uterus cramp, wave of nausea during dinner 3 dpo: left side cramps  4 dpo: dull cramps, angry/emotional, pulling at belly button, sore boobs am  5 dpo: no cramping, Breast twinges, very loud stomach noises???  6 dpo: vaginal lightning feeling, stuffy nose/nose bleed, feeing dizzy before bed 7 dpo: Bunged up, feel hungover but not (cold coming?) 8 dpo: tender breasts, tired  9 dpo: uterine cramps all day, full blown cold, sore breasts, 11pm felt implantation on left side about 5 mins at night  10 dpo: dull left cramps, tender breasts, lower back pain on right, flu symptoms, extreme thirst, electric shock through abdomen when laying down (made me jump up), loss of appetite, Vagina pain/lightning, feel normal 10pm ☹️ 11 dpo: no cm since 8dpo. Still bad cold. Extreme hunger. Sore breasts. Exhausted. Off coffee 


hey sarah66, did you test yet? 

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