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BFP Stories

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Symptoms leading up to BFP

7dpo-I came down with a cold and got a cold sore, which I only get like once or twice a year. Creamy CM. 8dpo- Shooting pain in the left side of my lower abdomen, tired all day, then woke up 5 times during the night to urinate. I had stringy white CM, kind of like EWCM, but not really? I’d never had this kind before. 9dpo- Metallic taste in mouth, the same weird stringy CM, weird feeling in uterus-not quite cramping, shooting pain in left breast, backache, light headed, exhausted. 10dpo- Lower abdomen aching/cramps, bloated, slightly nauseous waking up, period like cramps, exhausted , spaced out. Tested for the first time and got a BFN 11dpo- Exhausted, bloated, period cramps with a weird feeling in my uterus, metallic taste in mouth, yellowish creamy CM, slight nausea. We were out of town, so I didn’t test this day. 12dpo- Woke up slightly nauseous, period cramps were gone but I had a pulling sensation in my uterus, so exhausted, creamy yellowish CM. Tested when we got home in the afternoon and got my BFP. Breast tenderness started that evening and every day they’re getting a little more sore. 13dpo- Sooo exhausted, woke up at 3am feeling kind of nauseous, frequent urination throughout the night, bloated, heavy feeling in lower abdomen, pulling type cramps getting lighter, no CM 14dpo- feeling better, mild cramping, frequent urination, so thirsty, bloated, no CM 15dpo-woke up slightly nauseous, frequent urination all day and night, mild period type cramps on and off, no CM 16dpo- Stringy whiteish CM has returned, light cramping, still tired but the fatigue seems to be lifting. Hope this helps!! Oh, and I started feeling excessively thirsty probably around 7-8 dpo.
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My last days were as follows. 10DPO: Wanted to test today but was too afraid of a negative. I was very weepy and negative this day. I didn't have much going on, my lower back still hurt but that happened throughout my entire 1st TWW so I was worried it would be the same outcome. The one glimmer was that I was super excited (as usual) for my morning cup of coffee (I did not give up coffee during my TWW, still had one cup). When I started drinking it. It tasted awful, SUPER bitter. It didn't make me sick or anything, it just did not taste good. I also had a weird dull pain in my left thigh, right towards the top. Sometimes it felt like it was pulsing. What do you know? GAS AGAIN at night, except it wasn't as bad as the previous 3 days. 11DPO: Woke up at 2:30am. Could NOT fall back asleep. I was wide awake. This happens to me once in a blue moon so I wasn't really thinking pregnancy sign but then I started thinking about it which probably contributed to being awake. I finally fell back asleep around 5am and I had a dream that I took a test and it was positive. This is a weird but in both TWW I had super vivid (and weird) dreams however as MUCH as I thought about pregnancy and the IUI's. They were never about pregnancy though. So when I woke up and realized I finally had one. I knew I had to test!

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