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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Symptoms leading up to BFP! Directly after early miscarriage!

YAY! I am so excited to share our story. This is my first post ever! These forums have been so helpful during the TWW! I must admit I have been a little obsessed with reading, searching, comparing hahaha and I am glad to give back and let you lovely ladies read, search, and compare to my cycle! A little back story: Me (27) DH (26) We have not been TTC for long, we decided to go with the flow and see what would happen! Luckily we got pregnant right away but unfortunately...we had an early miscarriage in July 2017 (our first pregnancy & devastating) about 5 weeks along. After this we held off on trying right away. Christmas comes and goes, and then once again we decided to be open to the idea of pregnancy! We got pregnant again right away. Unfortunately, that pregnancy also ended in an early miscarriage (January 2018) about 4 weeks along. This was again devastating having our worst fears come true once again. Fast forward to now, February 2018! I am PREGNANT! Yes one month later after an early miscarriage! MY CYCLE & SYMPTOMS LEADING UP TO MY BFP! *DISCLAIMER: I am very in tune with my body and emotions. Extra sensitive Sally over here! My ovulation date is not verified by OPKs or anything so sorry if that piece isn't helpful! I am a total POAS addict, I get the Clinical Guard HPT's on amazon and I love them! They show a line whenever FRER does for me! Oh also cycles have been ranging anywhere from 28-34 on average! I used to be a 28 day girl and I swear my late 20's have brought on this fun guessing game of cycle length! OK here it goes! CD 1-5 (Jan.21-24) Early loss & bleeding. Small clots. So so sad. CD 8 (Jan.28) The love making ;) CD 9 (Jan. 29) The love making ;) CD 11 (Jan.31) Sensitive & irritable CD 12 (Feb. 1) Slight brown discharge dried in underwear, and when wiping. I actually put a tampon in because I thought maybe my cycle was going to be weird after the early loss and perhaps I would bleed again. Took the tampon out a while later and there was a streak of pink on the tampon and some light tan cm. Interesting...The love making ;) happened that night too. CD 13 (Feb. 2) Some anxiousness, crying, and exhausted. CD 14 (Feb. 3) Some pinches in the uterus, lower back aches, exhausted, took a mid day nap. The love making ;) also happened today. CD 15 (Feb. 4) Huge pimple on my forehead haha! This hadn't happened in a while! CD 16 (Feb. 5) Sensitive, sad a little, low energy, extra stressed. No CM. Also.. BFN yep I tested very early haha! CD 17 (Feb. 6) Low mood, a little sad, stressed, change in CM today very creamy lotion like discharge. CD 18 (Feb. 7) Exhausted today. CD 19 (Feb. 8) Nauseated, spike in anxiety/obsessiveness CD 20 (Feb. 9) Achey uterus, achey legs, feeling very bloated and chubby haha! Sensitive mood today, and another big ol' pimple on my cheekbone, very random place! CD 21 (Feb. 10) Creamy white discharge, and a little watery. I kept checking in bathroom because I felt so wet. A little irritable/emotional/ and sobbed at Cinderella movie which is not completely unusually for me lol, but it definitely was kicked up a notch or two on my sensitive scale. CD 22 (Feb. 11) BFN today! More wet discharge. Achey uterus is back, some pinches, and some nauseated moments. CD 23 (Feb. 12) BFN today! Right side pinches, continued achey uterus, full cramps. Craving pizza sooo much. I actually went to bed dreaming of pizza! Ha! CD 24 (Feb. 13) BFN today! Dull cramps in uterus, feeling heavy & bloated, exhausted as well! Creamy white discharge. CD 25 (Feb. 14) BFN today! Super happy, great mood, getting lots done! Dull cramps, creamy white discharge in morning and absolutely nothing at night! Lower back ache. CD 26 (Feb. 15) BFN today! Slept in until 9. I felt like I needed that! Exhausted! Left side pinch, interesting since they have been on right! Easily teary eyed today. Light discharge today, not much. CD 27 (Feb. 16) BFN today! Happy mood, right side pinches in uterus, creamy white discharge. CD 28 (Feb. 17) BFN today! Lower back aches, dull cramps in uterus, slight nausea, and increase in acne. Creamy white discharge. BFN at night too haha! CD 29 (Feb. 18) BFN today! Creamy white discharge, very very hungry, and eating a lot throughout the day. Feeling very bloated. Acne continued. Also, last night had major pregnancy dreams, of many many BFPS. Chalked it up to obsessive reading of these forums haha! CD 30 (Feb. 19) BFN today! Sensitive emotions, truly felt that AF was on her way, dull cramps. Told DH I was going to stop testing because I was starting to get super sad after each BFN. CD 31 (Feb. 20) Did not plan on testing, even woke up went to bathroom and did not catch FMU and went back to bed. Cuddled with DH, he got up for work, then I had a strong urge to test even with SMU...AND... BIG FAT POSITIVE TEST!!!!! What the!? It was stark white just yesterday. We celebrated with so much JOY! First BFP on clinical guard HPT, confirmed with FRER utilizing same urine! Man oh Man! Praying this little bean sticks. 3 times a charm right? Thanks so much for your stories and insight! Love to you all! Ky & Kei
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So glad for your good news! Sorry about your first two miscarriages. I had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago. It was my second pregnancy, first miscarriage. It was so hard to go through, but me and DH are TTC again now. Surprisingly, my HCG numbers went down within a couple days of the start of the miscarriage. We're hoping this is our month too!

Hi, this is a sad story ending up on a good note. I am so keen to read your story and I have realized you are such a fighter. I am sure most women would have given up the journey on the way. Some would have started the blame game. Some people believe that miscarriage is caused by misfortune. Some people are not aware that several factors could be caused mind by the preparedness. Our body sometimes is not ready for this anyway. Our partners play a great role in such a moment. Browsing such a good forum makes you stronger. Some people have been through a lot too. When you see their success stories you get strong and start on a fresh. People who could not conceive have found solace in different places. They have learned new methods that work for them. Others have learned places they could get help such as Bi o te x co m in K iev. In such a facility they believe in a slogan that has made people achieve such a goal as yours. There is no absolute infertility. Anyway, Congratulations for the achievement

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