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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

symptoms past ovulation and got a BFP

1 dpo: diarrhea, sore boobs, really hungry, gassy, itchy nipples

2 dpo: sore boobs, really tired, sore/sensitive nipples, really hungry, clear and very sticky CM, little light headed, weird dream, little headache, gassy

3 dpo: sore boobs, big boobs, sore/sensitive nipples, mild cramping, constipated, creamy CM

4 dpo: sore nipples, big boobs, mild cramping, gassy, weird dreams, creamy CM, pressure down there, good sense of smell sorta, one small twinge, wet feeling down there most of day, constipated, not really hungry

5 dpo: still weird dreams, big boobs, hurting down there when I walk, boobs hurt a little, really really irritable, sorta sore nipples, little gassy, creamy/lotion CM a lot more of it, mild cramping off and on, sick and neusea for about 10 min at night

6 dpo:  full and heavy boobs, pee was very yellow this morning and had a weird smell, frequent dreams that are weird, sleep through the whole night which never happens, wet watery CM, no sex drive at all, temp at 98.6. irritable and tired, bloated, boobs a little sore, gassy at night, CM smells like iron

7 dpo: full boobs, and little sore and tender, woke up and had a bloody nose, nipples are erect for no reason at times, still really weird dreams and vivid, had trouble falling asleep last night, restless, had huge sense of smell at night, could smell his dioerdent from across the room, temp got up to 99.1, BFN little too early

8 dpo: nothing hardly, heavy boobs, kinda sore, little gassy, temp got up to 99.7, sense of smell increased, teared up to a country song, creamy wet CM, presure down there briefly, little irritable today, little bloated, mild headache at night

9 dpo: big kinda sore, and swollen boobs also heavy, still weird dreams, pee was smelly in the am, CM is weird, its white and like curdled milk, mild headache in the am and afternoon off and on, spider veins on chest they look more pronounced, stomach hurt for a little while today and felt pressure down there, CM has now turned wet, constipated

10 dpo: still weird and vivid dreams, mild sore throat this morning, very yellow pee in am, boobs arn’t sore, but still heavy, wet CM, mild cramping in the am, tired took a nap, woke up in hot flashes and very thirsty, darkening of areola, and still spider veins on chest and stomach. BFN. Also mild headache off and on, constipated

11 dpo: creamy CM, in globs, sore and heavy boobs, still has pronounced veins, no longer constipated, very vivid dreams still, tired, cervix is low and hard

12 dpo: still vivid dreams, breast are heavy and sore, pronounced veins still, worse than ever, took two test today both faint positives, little tired, gassy couldn’t sleep

13 dpo: veins still pronounced, heavy, not really sore, still faint but positive HPT, wet CM, boobs ache so much, feeling weak and fatigue, tired, no appetite

14 dpo: veins still pronounced, faint BFP, weak and light headed, peeing so much! Wet and creamy CM, AF was  supposed to be today. Light/mild cramping on and off, boobs ache, tired and sleepy, very yellow pee, boobs are kinda sore.



Congrats! Thanks for sharing!

Big congrats! I appreciated that you shared. I have similar symptoms. Waiting for 2ww to end...

thank you!! BABY DUST (:

You and I have SIMILAR Symtoms!! Thanks so much for the very detailed list!! I have been feeling the "pressure" down there.. sometimes i get it a few days before my period is due and now I have it alot... Also my boobs are the tell tell symptom for me.. THEY HURT.. they hurt to walk down steps.. to sleep on them a certain way and just plain uncomfortable!

ur detail is good two more days to go for me i cnt wait have been ttc for 18months now it has not been easy

I love how you have been very detailed with your day by day dpo.
Thanks for sharing with us!
Hopefully it will happen for many more of us ttc soon :)
Baby dust to all of you.

It's a cool story bro, tell it again...

It's a cool story bro, tell it again...

It's a cool story bro, tell it again...

It's a cool story bro, tell it again...

You're my hero this page is so useful! Honestly..... I'm telling the tru.... Nah not really this page is lame. You all wanna be preggo from so me creampie that you imagine symptoms and your body makes these symptoms happen coz that's what you believe. Herp derpington

Thanks for sharing. I have very simular symptoms. TTC for 9 years. Hopefully it's about time I got one BFP! Xx

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