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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

Thanksgiving BFP naturally conceived at 41!!!

I'm still in shock we are pregnant. I tested with smu and two positive lines came up before I could even put the stick down. My little backdrop, I'm 41, my Dh is 47. We have 6 kids. Oldest 21, youngest is 6. I had a miscarriage 2 years ago at 39 New Years and 2 years to the day (earlier this year) I had another miscarriage. Both pregnancies caught us by surprise, but we were happy about them. The miscarriages took a lot out of us emotionally because we assumed I would never have issues since I had 6 live and healthy babies. After the last miscarriage we made a decision that we did not want to go through that kind of pain again. We assumed because of our age we were done and our bodies were done. (Naive, but that is what we thought) We discussed a vasectomy and my husband was very reluctant, so we never pressed the issue. I kept track of my body's cues about ovulation and tried to avoid sex during that time. That lasted up until last month. We were so busy with the kids and their activities that by the time I thought about it, we had already dtd and now are here. My cycles are anywhere from 28-33. I ovulate on days 14-19. It all depends on my cycle. This cycle I think I ovulated on cd17 (We dtd this evening, pretty sure I had ov pains a few hours later 1Dpo....nothing 2Dpo...dtd, super dry ( not normal for me, I assumed my body is changing yet again, normally I'm wet until the day before aunt flow) 3Dpo...not much, just exhausted, drove a lot over this weekend, it must be that 4Dpo...I'm super hungry at work, can not wait for lunch..note to self, eat breakfast, so I don't feel like this again 5Dpo....nothing 6Dpo...I'm shaky, Did I eat today? run to break room scarf down peanuts assuming I need protein, start to feel better 7Dpo...Didn't notice much this day...just remember it was a bad day 8Dpo...Breasts are getting sore on sides can not lean up against them much. My daughter and I are on same cycle, she gets her menstrual. I didn't realize I was due for my period, I start counting back from last I can't be, my period must be coming in a few days 9Dpo...wipe up brown tinged fluid, assume period will be here slight cramping on right side 10Dpo...ewcm mixed with twinge of brown 11Dpo...ewcm clear 12dpo..nothing slight cramping...dry 130Dpo..dry again, this is weird no way, I'll test tomorrow if still nothing. I still had test from previous testing. 14Dpo (Thanksgiving (today) tested with smu...BFP!!! ) still in shock!!

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