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Early Pregnancy Symptoms and Big Fat Positives

The one month we didn't try!

My husband and I got married October 2015 and immediately started ttc. My mom and my sister both got pregnant very easily and made me sure I was very careful when trying to prevent because the women in our family are 'Fertile Myrtle's'! So when we started trying I thought it wouldn't take very long. In reality it didn't but it sure felt like it did! This was our 6 cycle trying, a few cycles prior I had an entire month without a period for whatever reason. My cycles are usually 31-33 days but I have never missed a month, that month my cycle was 39 days. I thought I was pregnant but bfn after bfn af finally showed. I was using opks, preseed, temping some months, timing bding, checking my cervix, checking cervical mucus, drinking name it, I wanted to try it. With that extra long cycle. Period tracker changed my cycle average to 35 days. My hubby and I are in a wedding on December 31 so when this cycle came around we decided to drop everything because it wouldn't be ideal to travel for a wedding and be in the wedding at 8 1/2 months pregnant. I didn't track anything. With period tracker being a little off I had no real idea when I was going to ovulate. Around CD 15 I had tons of EWCM this was earlier then normal for me but I ignored it, dh and I were both exhausted and just went to bed. From that point on I was convinced we missed any chance but that was okay because like I said with the wedding it would have made things a little difficult. Moving closer to when I was expecting my period, like clock work I get tender breasts 7 days before the start of my period. This month nothing. No cramps. Not tenderness. Nothing. Thought maybe this cycle was off a bit, and moved on. I use to track my symptoms like crazy but I had barely anything that really registered with me this month, I also wasn't paying attention as much. I picked up a new hobby and was so distracted I had no idea how many dpo I was but I got the urge to test. I had a bunch of wondfo tests so I took one on Sunday May 1st and I thought I could see the faintest line. I have never seen anything on these tests before but I thought that's nothing and threw it out. The next morning I thought well maybe I will just see if it was just that test. Took another one and the same faint faint faint line showed up. Like I'm talking real squinter, everyone else would have thought I was crazy. So again, I thought nope, it's nothing and moved on. That night I took another one, my girlfriend was over and a darker like appeared, still super faint but definitely there. I showed her and she could see it. So I bought two pack or frer and a two pack of clear blue, one digital and one regular. In the morning I took another wondfo thinking if I see something again then I will take the frer. Sure enough another faint line popped up so dipped the frer. A clear like popped up so I dipped the digi. Sure enough "pregnant 1-2" popped up and here we are!! I couldn't believe it, my husband couldn't believe it. The one month we didn't time anything, track anything or do anything it happened. Everyone always said just relax and it will happen, it drove me crazy but they were right!!! I had blood work to on the same day I took the digital and it came back at only 37 but my doctor wasn't too concerned because it just means I'm super early. I have my first prenatal appointment this Saturday! We are so thrilled and the tests are getting darker so babes is growing!! Yay! EDD is January 9, 2017


Your story made me smile! Congratulations! My husband and I also got married in October, and I'm on my 5th cycle.  My cycle has ranged from 34-53 days since October, so I'm starting to feel very despondent... we'll only have around 6 chances to concieve this year, at this rate.  I'm feeling so fed up that I'm going to take the next cycle off.  I really hope I have a similar story to share in a few months time!  Thank you for sharing your story: it made me feel like our situation is less hopeless. :)

Don't feel hopeless Aimee!! It is so hard not to but I promise it will all be worth it. I was so hopeless, I thought there was something wrong with me of DH. I have pain in my right hip sometimes and I started to think it was my ovary and something was wrong and I was never ever going to see a postive pregnancy test. As soon as I took the stress off of myself it all fell into place and I couldn't be happier. Every unsuccessful month trying, every negative test, every period was so worth what I am feeling now! I promise you will feel the same way! As soon as you see that positive test, you will forget about all the heartache leading up to that. And once we have our little babies we will be that more appreciative of their little lives because it took a little extra time to get them here :) keep you head high!

Just and update :) Monday May 9th doctor wanted my HCG to be 200-300 and it was 861!! Wednesday May 11th it doubled! No more bloodwork! The babes is growing!

I know people who really struggle with fertility hate this but it really does happen very often.  I used to work for a gyn and I heard this type of story so often.  "As soon as we stopped trying..." Best of luck to you on pregnancy and baby!  Congrats <3 

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